MN Law Firm Discusses the Dangers of Propane Explosion Burns

A Minneapolis, Minnesota law firm recently discussed the dangers of propane and the number of clients that they have spoken to in the past few years who have been injured by exploding propane. According to McEwen & Kestner - Propane Explosions are much more common than people realize.

Peter Kestner, an attorney with McEwen & Kestner, PLLC in Minneapolis says, “Propane explosions are unfortunately, not at all uncommon, and they can cause massive damage and injury. Propane has a very high burn rate, which can lead to many injuries for those anywhere close to the explosion.”

Propane Explosion Burns

Kestner says that when an explosion happens, many consumers do not think about the long term consequences of that instance. He states that while the first action should be to seek medical attention, it often does not stop there.

“People are injured almost on a daily basis by some sort of propane burn,” Kestner continues. “They need to know that there are actions that can be taken to provide relief, at least for the often exorbitant medical expenses that accompany an injury of this type.”

Experts report that the most common injuries related to propane burns do not stop at the obvious signs of burn, but can be much more serious. These injuries can include lung and brain damage, as well as many internal injuries, spinal cord injuries and other very serious effects. Propane and natural gas can be inhaled during an explosion, which can cause serious injuries that could lead to lifelong disabilities and even death.

The MN personal injury attorney continues to add that, “Surviving a propane explosion is not uncommon but it is a very long process of overcoming these serious injuries and often, this means a lifetime of medical care for the victim.”

Kestner says that this medical care of course, does not come without a cost and that victims of explosions, who are injured through no fault of their own, have the right to seek compensation when these injuries occur. He adds that these explosions are not always on a larger scale and that many propane injuries happen at home.

Some of the most common injuries related to propane burns that happen at home include those caused by gas cooktops. Cooktops that are not installed properly or that are faulty due to a factory default can cause explosions, as can pipes leading to a gas powered water heater, defective valves and many other propane related accessories.

Kestner adds that although safety measures have improved over the decades, there is always the chance of an injury occurring due to propane simply because the gas is combustive. The smallest default can cause a major issue which in turn can cause serious injuries. He adds that many homes today use propane and natural gas for heating and cooking because of the economic benefits that these gases provide. Using gas as a means of heating a home or powering a cooktop can significantly cut down on the amount of electricity used in the home. Kestner states that this is still a very feasible way to save money in a household, but adds that consumers who are using gas powered appliances should educate themselves on the dangers associated with propane, just as they would be educated on any risks associated with electricity.

Kestner says that anyone who has been injured as a result of a propane explosion should seek medical attention right away. He states that after medical attention, the victim’s next call should be to a personal injury attorney to begin seeking compensation for medical bills that are likely going to begin piling up. Personal Injury Lawyers - McEwen & Kestner have years of experience in representing victims in these and many other types of personal injury cases. Those who would like to learn more or schedule a consultation can do so on the firm’s website, where information about the types of cases that they represent as well as contact information can be found.


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