Minnesota Therapy Practice Hires Mallory Wolfgramm RN, MS, LMFT

Evolve Therapy, an emotionally focused couples therapy practice in Minnetonka, MN, announced their most recent hire Mallory Wolfgramm RN, MS, LMFT.

Wolfgramm is the eleventh therapist to join the Evolve team as licensed marriage and family counselor. Evolve owner Renee Segal commented, "at Evolve Therapy, our therapists help couples work through complex emotions. As we grow and encounter life transitions, we can find ourselves feeling stuck in our relationships and our lives. EFT is designed to help people reach their goals in therapy and find balance, deeper intimacy, and connection. We are so lucky to have Mallory Wolfgramm joining us as she brings her amazing skill set to our practice!"

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Emotionally focused therapy, also known as EFT, is a family of related therapies for individuals, couples, and families that are based on emotion which drives behavior. Unlike other forms of counseling, EFT methods incorporate elements of experiential therapy, systemic treatment, and attachment theory.

Couples seeking marriage counseling often feel hopeless, frustrated, lost, and confused. Therapy works by helping people express their feelings and build interpersonal skills.

Marriage counseling can help with many different issues that may arise in a marriage. Some of these issues include finding ways to deal with disagreements, helping with intimacy problems, parenting strategies, or emotional attachments that are preventing positive change.

According to Wolfgramm, "I love helping couples that are feeling disconnected, stuck in damaging behaviors, exhausted, or misunderstood."

Wolfgramm continued by stating, "Individuals I work with are often seeking support, clarity, and growth as they resolve conflict, navigate life transitions or relationship transitions like dating, breakups, divorce, negative body image, infertility, pregnancy, or postpartum. EFT focuses on the thoughts and feelings that couples share to address challenges. I believe everyone deserves to feel seen, heard, and understood by their partner - especially in their most challenging moments."

With EFT, couples are encouraged to connect in a meaningful way that brings about change in their lives to become healthier versions of themselves. While many couples seek counseling when their relationship is in crisis, Wolfgramm stressed the importance of using counseling as a way to strengthen already healthy relationships.

Wolfgramm continues, "If a couple is experiencing a crisis that impacts their relationship, I encourage couples to invest in working with a professional who specializes in this approach as it can have lasting benefits for the couple."

Wolfgramm attributed the success of her marriage to her clinical experience and communication. Wolfgramm stated, "I have been married since 2014 and my husband and I have used couples therapy as a tool throughout our relationship, beginning during our engagement and through the recent birth of our first child. We go to couples therapy not because there is something wrong with our relationship, but because our relationship matters to us, and we know therapy is a tool that helps us stay close and connected."

Wolfgramm hopes to create an inclusive community for clients, "I want to create a safe space where people can feel free to be their true selves without judgment." Wolfgramm is in a interracial relationship herself and knows the beauty and challanges that it can bring.

Parties interested in scheduling a counseling session with Mallory Wolfgramm are encouraged to reach out on the Evolve Therapy website at evolvetherapymn.com.


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