Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist Discusses the Steps They Take to Mitigate Water Damage Issues

Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 is led by an owner & founder that has over 20-years of water damage mitigation, remediation, and restoration experience. All of this experience has led to the company putting the right techs, equipment, and plans in place to help with even the most extreme water damage situations. Something that the company owner & founder, Jeff Rudek, stated they are very proud of. He says that there is much satisfaction to be gained from helping someone recover from the physical damage and stress & strain of a water damage incident. Water damage impacts more people’s lives than most people realize, so he wanted to further discuss how they go about doing their home water damage restoration services.

The company owner & founder first noted that the key to mitigating the damage from a flooding situation is getting in touch with them quickly. That’s because the sooner they arrive on the scene, the more damage they can prevent and the easier and less expensive the cleanup will be. He urges anyone that has enough water flood an area in their home or business that it cannot be easily cleaned up to get in touch with a seasoned water damage restoration professional such as them right away. Once they arrive on-site, they will quickly go about assessing the problem, shutting off the cause of the flooding if it’s a plumbing problem, and rapidly go about extracting any standing water. Rudek explained that once these steps are complete, they will next completely dry up the flooded area using a combination of air moving equipment and dehumidifiers. The company’s restoration team will also deodorize the area and take additional steps to prevent mold growth. He stated that they will also undertake cleaning up any structural elements, personal items, and furnishings that have been impacted by water. They will even help the customer with any insurance claim they make to get compensated for the water damage.

Minneapolis Water Damage Cleanup

Rudek mentioned that one of the water damage projects that they are called out most often to assist with is flooded basement cleanup. Something that the company was asked to do frequently during the recent heavy rains that passed through the Minneapolis/ and St. Paul area. He stated this is a task that they are eager to help customers out with because they have the equipment, manpower, and know-how to mitigate the damage from even large amounts of water getting into a basement. Customers that have had their flooded basements cleaned by Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 often compliment the company on the service that they received. Tony Harrer stated, “Jeff and his team came over to get the water out of our basement. Our basement flooded when the sump pump went out last week, and the rainwater couldn’t get pushed away and backed up. The company was prompt to arrive and quickly removed the water and dried out the basement in a few hours. I give them 5 thumbs up!” Chad Hobot proclaimed, “I was so worried about the cost to get the water in my basement out, but I was happy to find out my insurance would pay for the damage. Jeff worked with the adjuster, and things got back to normal in just a couple of days.”

The company owner & founder also talked about how people call them and ask for help when water has gotten into an area of a home where it shouldn’t and steps were not taken quickly to remedy this problem. A situation that almost always results in problematic mold formation. Mold buildup not only is often accompanied by a foul odor that permeates through walls but can also cause a tremendous amount of drywall, floor, ceiling, and structural damage. He says that their company’s reliable mold removal services are the best way to correct this problem.

Those Twin Cities area home and business owners that have been impacted by a flooding event and want more information on the water damage restoration services that this company offers can reach Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 by email, website contact form, or phone. Rudek reminded that they are also a very respected company when it comes to their fire damage restoration services.


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