Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 Offers Professional Water Damage Restoration

Minneapolis, MN based Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 is pleased to announce that they are offering high quality water damage repair services for residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 is the top Google reviewed-and-rated service in Minneapolis for water removal, clean up and water damage restoration. They assist both homeowners and businesses in a wide variety of issues, including frozen pipes, basement flooding, flash floods and raw sewage. They value safety over everything else, which is why they rigorously implement the latest CDC, EPA and OSHA guidelines for every project. The company also takes the necessary steps to ensure the safety of both their clients and their technicians. Furthermore, they recognize the importance of swift action in dealing with water damage. As such, they strive to respond quickly to their clients’ needs.

Water Damage Restoration MN

Dealing with water damage can be quite stressful, but it is something that needs to be done as soon as possible. Any delays would only lead to further damage, greater costs and more stress. However, water damage restoration should not be left in the hands of an individual or even a team who is unfamiliar with the field. Proper and efficient water damage restoration requires expertise, training and certifications. In Minneapolis, few water damage restoration companies have the same qualifications as Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7. In fact, Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification as a local water remediation, mold remediation and mold mitigation provider.

Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 offers both a commercial and residential restoration service. The process for these two services is quite similar to each other. The first action that is taken in case of water damage is emergency water extraction. Immediately after the water is extracted, water-damaged areas are dried (within 24-48 hours if possible) in order to prevent mold growth and intrusive mold infestation. Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 first salvages water-damaged carpets where applicable. Then, they diagnose the padding, wood subfloors or concrete floors and dry them out if needed.

To dry these out, they make use of commercial dryers and dehumidifiers. If the water damage is caused by sewage, Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 replaces the damaged parts and areas as sewage is a biohazard that must be removed. After this, they initiate water damage repair and cleanup service to dry out wet drywalls. If the moisture levels of damaged areas remain high after 48 hours, they recommend replacing damaged areas as they would likely be too damaged and may cause harm.

Although the general process is similar on a case to case basis, the specifics of the water damage repair process are different for all situations. The scope and intrusiveness of the process depends on the level and type of water involved. Fortunately, the experts at Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 are capable of dealing with all kinds of water damage situations thanks to their training, expertise and experience.

Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 also offers COVID-19 disinfection services for both commercial and residential properties. They offer two main types of COVID-19 disinfection — proactive and reactive. Proactive disinfection refers to biohazard cleaning done at regular intervals. This can be done daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly, depending on what their clients require. On the other hand, reactive disinfection refers to biohazard cleanings done after an employee, customer or family member is discovered to have been infected with COVID-19.

Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 offers storm damage repair, sewage cleanup, mold remediation and many more services designed to make their clients lives easier following an unfortunate event. No matter which service is needed, Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 gives their all to ensure that their clients are satisfied. More information about the various services they offer can be found on their website.

Chad Hobot says in a 5-Star Google review, “We had a frozen pipe upstairs during the cold snap in February when we were away. We had six inches of water in our basement from running down the walls. Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 worked with me and my insurance agency to get the water out, then dried up and fixed the walls. They were professional, and I recommend them.”

Homeowners and other parties looking for a professional water repair company may check out Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7’s website for more details. They may also contact Jeff Rudek of Minneapolis Water Damage Specialist 24/7 to discuss their requirements.


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