Minneapolis MN Water Damage Restoration Offered by 1 Hour Rescue Restoration

Minnesota-based 1 Hour Rescue Restoration is pleased to bring their water damage restoration services to Minneapolis. The company is able to help local residents and businesses minimize damage from leaks, floods and other incidents involving water as well as restore an affected property to its former state after the issue has been resolved. Given the nature of such problems, those who need a water damage company in Minneapolis are advised to contact 1 Hour Rescue Restoration immediately for assistance.

Water damage, the company explains, can take a huge toll on a building’s structure if left unattended for extended periods. In addition to ruining every piece of furniture in the room as well as damaging fixtures and other contents, standing water can sometimes compromise the structural integrity of the surrounding walls if given enough time and opportunity. In addition to this, dampness attracts pests and can create the perfect environment for dangerous molds to flourish, both of which are issues that can easily affect other areas of the building even if they are completely dry.

Minneapolis water damage restoration

Mold, for instance, can lead to breathing issues if the spores become airborne and travel to other areas, and the company warns that this can be particularly dangerous for those who already have difficulty breathing (asthma sufferers, etc.). Furthermore, the presence of mold will likely mean that the homeowner or business will have to make a greater financial investment to remedy the problem as affected surfaces often need to be extracted in their entirety. For these reasons and more, Minneapolis residents are encouraged to contact a specialist as soon as they notice water damage in their home or premises. Learn more at the following link: Water Damage Minneapolis.

1 Hour Rescue Restoration has been offering such assistance to Minneapolis communities for more than 20 years years, and this gives them a wealth of experience to draw from on every job they tackle. The company considers every incidence of water damage to be worth paying attention to, so residents may request the team’s help no matter how big or small they believe the water damage to be. The company’s certified technicians are aware of how easily small problems can develop into far more expensive issues, so they make it their mission to respond quickly even if there seems to be little cause for concern.

The company can help dry small rooms, homes and even commercial buildings. Customers will be pleased to learn that 1 Hour Rescue Restoration can dry any room’s contents that have been damaged during an incident as well, and their specialized service can be extended to preserve or restore hardwood flooring, concrete, confined spaces, crawl spaces and more. Most notably, perhaps, homeowners and businesses can expect the company to respond promptly to emergencies, supporting a property’s inhabitants with temporary electricity and similarly helpful services.

One 5-Star Google review from Andy Scott sheds heavy praise on the company and their work. The review says, “Bob and Susan have been very courteous to work with. I look forward to a successful relationship.”


Additional information regarding the services offered by 1 Hour Rescue Restoration can be found on their official website and other resources. Further details are also available here: Water Damage Restoration Minneapolis Minnesota.


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