Minneapolis Corporate Awards Shop is Offering Special Services and Pricing to Hospitality MN Members

Minneapolis, Minn. – Viking Trophies, a leading Minneapolis corporate awards shop, is currently extending services and special pricing to fellow Hospitality MN members. The hospitality industry is among the most effected industries by COVID-19 when it comes to reopening, so Viking Trophies wants to do everything they can to help as these businesses begin to reopen.

In an effort to help maintain safety as Hospitality MN members reopen, Viking Trophies is offering many products that encourage social distancing. For example, their indoor surface grips can be placed on the floor of a business to help customers maintain the proper space from one another while waiting in line. In addition, these grips can also be placed on the wall as a request for customers to not enter certain areas. Similarly, businesses can purchase counter mats in order to designate mechanisms or objects that are off limits. This is great for restaurants who are only utilizing half of their tables, as well as for gyms who are not allowing use of several individual workout machines. These mats can be customized to the business’s liking, as well as made in many different shapes.

Another product that Viking Trophies is offering to Hospitality MN members is the protective counter barrier. With this safety device, businesses can help their staff feel safe to come back to work. It works great for point of sale, host stands and welcome desks. These counter barriers come in two different styles and in a variety of sizes. In combination with the counter barriers, staff members will also need face masks to maintain safety measures. Viking Trophies is also providing custom reusable masks that will not only provide safety for the staff, but will also ensure that each staff member looks uniform and on-brand. These USA-made, three-ply cotton masks can be silkscreened or embroidered, allowing the logo to be as loud or subtle as desired. Unlike many companies who offer custom masks, Viking Trophies only requires a purchase of at least 25 masks in order to produce an order.

Businesses that require information lists or menus to be provided to customers typically make them using reusable materials. However, the pandemic has caused these lists and menus to become disposable. Viking Trophies has recognized this immediate need and is now offering custom printing. They can print on just about any size and thickness of paper in either full color or black and white.

Viking Trophies is an awards shop, offering many types of awards and custom business products, from custom apparel to engraved plaques in Minneapolis. For more information regarding the products and services provided by Viking Trophies or to place an order, call Viking Trophies today at (763) 537-3422 or visit their website at www.vikingtrophies.com.


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