Mini Binz Now Providing Affordable Waste Management Solutions in Fonthill, Ontario

Reputable Allanburg based dumpster rental company Mini Binz, are now providing affordable waste management solutions in Fonthill, Ontario and surrounding areas to residential and commercial renters. According to online reviews, the company offers reliable roll-off bins for construction, residential and commercial projects.

With their headquarters in Allanburg; Mini Binz have expanded to various other locations in Canada and besides Allanburg and Fonthill; the company also services customers in locations such as; St. Catharines, Pelham, Niagara Falls, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Grimbsy, Vineland, Beamsville, Wainfleet, Chippawa and all their surrounding areas. They have provided information on their website to show that they do not limit their dumpster rental services to the listed locations but that they accommodate the needs of customers who may be interested in their services but may be located outside their listed service area radius. Interested homeowners or businesses can contact them directly for accurate estimates or additional information.

Dumpster Rental Fonthill Ontario

Mini Binz has different size roll off bins that customers interested in their dumpster rental services can choose from depending on what projects they have. Their selection of roll off dumpster sizes in Fonthill, ON include; 4-yard dumpsters, 10-yard dumpsters, 15-yard dumpsters and 20-yard dumpster rentals. All the company’s dumpster options have a standard 1-ton weight allowance per rental. Information on their website shows that while the company does accept a wide range of items to be disposed of using their roll-off bins; they categorically prohibit soil, and hazardous items. The company only allows disposal of asphalt, concrete and bricks on their 4-yard dumpster rentals.

Based on information they have provided online; the company’s customers can get their 4-yard dumpsters, 10-yard dumpsters, 15-yard and 20-yard dumpsters all beginning at $269 for a rental period of up to 7 days. According to Mr. Dash, the company’s founder and operator; they charge the lowest costs for waste management solutions in Fonthill and all of Ontario. The dumpster rental pricing is inclusive of 1-ton of waste, and the cost of the rental container for 1-7 days. If a renter needs a rent time extension; they only need to notify the company's representatives at least a day before the roll-off container is due to be pick-up for proper disposal. The company charges $20 per additional day for rent time extension.

Interested customers can find waste management solutions from Mini Binz for a wide range of projects including; bathroom, kitchen and general renovations, commercial and residential cleanouts projects, junk removal projects, construction projects, landscaping projects, fencing projects, junk removal projects, construction projects and many more commercial and residential projects which necessitate proper disposal of substantial quantities if waste.

Mini Binz offers free consultation for their dumpster rental services in Fonthill and all over their service area radius. Interested prospective customers can contact them on phone, online or in person for free consultation and to book their dumpster rentals. Anyone intererestyed in finding reliable waste management solutions in Fonthill is welcome to visit the company’s website at


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