Minerva Planning Group Celebrates 33 Year Anniversary

Financial advisory group brings decades of experience to help clients reach their financial goals.

Decatur, GA- Minerva Planning Group recently celebrated its 33rd anniversary in business. Founded in 1987 by Sandra Porter, the fee-only firm now run by Porter's nephew Micah offers personalized service to meet clients’ financial and investment needs. Minerva Planning Group takes a holistic view in following a clearly defined process to help clients identify, pursue and achieve their financial goals.

The team of Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Financial Analysts works with clients at all stages of their career, including retirees and those who are near retirement. They have worked extensively with employees of Emory University and Clinic, and federal government employees.

"Minerva Planning Group specializes in Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS). There aren’t many advisors who combine knowledge of FERS with an in-depth understanding of retirement planning ," says Micah Porter, President, and CEO of Minerva Planning Group. "With 33 years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to guide our clients in building their retirement paycheck and help them determine if early retirement is an option. And we do so as fee-only advisors who act as fiduciaries to our clients."

Minerva Planning Group has a thorough understanding of the FERS pension and supplement, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) options, insurance, and how federal employees can plan for early retirement. Our planning incorporates Social Security, the FERS Basic Benefit, and, if applicable, the FERS supplement, and the Thrift Savings Plan so that clients can clearly see on a year-to-year basis how they will meet their retirement needs.

Minerva Planning Group was one of Georgia's first firms to become a fee-only firm, converting to the client-centric model just a few years after they opened their doors in 1987. They are paid by their clients, not by large companies offering commissions or referral fees. Their status as fiduciary advisors means that they are legally and ethically required to act in the best interest of their clients. Their decades of experience and training allow them to give informed, practical guidance in working with their clients.

Minerva Planning Group is a fee-only firm and a fiduciary advisor. Their mission is to provide their clients financial peace of mind as they pursue their life goals, and a sound financial plan and prudent investment management are key elements in achieving that mission. The new larger offices are located at 315 W. Ponce de Leon, Suite 915, in Decatur, Georgia. For more information, go to Financial Advisor: Atlanta, Decatur, St. Simons | Minerva Planning Group


For more information about Minerva Planning Group, contact the company here:

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