MindMachines.com Announces RoshiWave 2.0 Meditation Machine Update

Mindmachines.com is unveiling the new 2.0 update for the RoshiWave meditation mind machine. RoshiWave is a brainwave stimulation device that utilizes and algorithmic process called “Dynamic Nuero-Activation”. The RoshiWave dis-entrains the brain thereby quieting the mind. With inner mind chatter silenced, the world falls away and the user experiences a profound state of peace, relaxation and clarity. Unlike normal meditation practices which are akin to tediously climbing a tall mountain, the complex RoshiWave signals serve as a “Digital Compass” leading the user to the top of "meditation mountain" like a high-tech ski lift. The RoshiWave device contains all of the well-researched classic ROSHI-style protocols plus new multiplexed versions.

roshiwave mind machine for meditation

"It has been seven years since pROSHI nerodynamic activator by Chuck Davis was discontinued and sold out. It was the most popular self-meditation device available at mindmachines.com when supplies ran out in 2013. Now, seven years later the RoshiWave has become available as the first new device to deliver roshi brain stimulation. Many people are excited to have the opportunity to own a device like this and after using it just once I was hooked. This is easily my all-time favorite brain machine of them all. The new 2.0 update makes RoshiWave even better by adding the previously not included pROSHI 2 algorithm along with several new algorithms," says Fred Williams of mindmachines.com.

The RoshiWave self meditation machine is currently available at the mindmachines.com website. For more information about the RoshiWave device visit mindmachines.com


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Fred Williams