Mindmachines.com Announce New RoshiWave Meditation Mind Machine

Mindmachines.com, an online distributor of brain machines, is reaching out to the community to announce the launch of the new RoshiWave meditation mind machine.

Fred Williams, a representative of Mindmachines.com, states, "We are very excited about the launch of this new product, as we have been looking forward to this for a long time. The RoshiWave 2.0 improves upon several areas of the original model, making it more convenient, easier to use, navigate and so on. You could say that it simply offers a better experience overall. This new model promises to enhance the experience of its users, bringing guided meditation to a whole new level and allowing them to relax and enjoy the experience."

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The RoshiWave meditation machine is described as a digital compass that guides the user's mind to a sublime ‘no time’ meditative state without conscious effort. In a way, this makes the machine a personal master of Zen, waiting to train users to enter a meditative state that was only previously available for those willing to invest years in training.

Williams says, "You only need to put on your RoshiGlasses and enter an inner world of clarity and peace as RoshiWave takes your mind by the hand and leads it to a place only the most experienced lifelong meditators have been. All worries and preoccupations are left behind while in this state of complete relaxation, helping you overcome all your troublesome thoughts and gain a new perspective in life."

Some of the most significant improvements that the RoshiWave 2.0 offers over the previous model include the addition of the XD mode, which is the most complex ROSHI stimulation mode ever. This mode simultaneously combines the BB, 2 and 2+ modes, featuring 6 different variations with various different possible color combinations.

This, along with all other new ROSHIWave modes have been clinically tested, ensuring the safety and wellness of all users. With this, the RoshiWave mode library has nearly tripled in size in comparison to the first model, adding several new options while improving others. The BB and 2+ modes have all received resolution improvements, making for an overall better meditation experience. Additionally, the RoshiWave 2 mode has been added between the BB and 2+ modes.

The new RoshiWave 2.0 mind machines also include 2 New HD modes and 3 New 3D modes as well as many more ‘Xperimental’ modes (including BB 3D modes and more phase modes). Mode navigation has been reworked and reorganized to conveniently accommodate all of the new modes, making the interface more user-friendly than ever. Additionally, all of the original modes have been included in the classic folder, providing users with the same experience they got with the first RoshiWave along with all of the new improvements and functions.

The RoshiWave 2.0 functions in a similar way to the original model, using an Error-Correction System for the Brain which normalizes brain waves rather than entrain them. The meditation system accomplishes this through a process of ‘Dynamic Neuro-Activation,’ through which RoshiWave dis-entrains abnormal brainwave frequencies in the brain and quiets the mind. Inner chatter is silenced, the world falls away and a profound state of peace, relaxation and clarity is reached.

Williams elaborates, "Unlike normal meditation practices that are akin to tediously climbing a tall mountain, the complex RoshiWave signals serve as a digital compass, leading the user to the top of the meditation mountain like a high-tech ski lift. This means that you get the experience whether it is your first time meditating or you are a seasoned meditation veteran. The RoshiWave device contains all of the well-researched classic ROSHI-style protocols plus new multiplexed versions, being the most complete meditation machine that is currently available in the market."


Mindmachines.com is an online distributor of brain machines, brainwave entrainment technology, AVS stimulation devices, EEG neurofeedback equipment, mind machines and meditation machines. Mindmachines.com is also the worldwide distributor of the RoshiWave self meditation device. For more information about the RoshiWave, visit their website at mindmachines.com. The RoshiWave self meditation machine is currently available at the mindmachines.com website.


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