Military Software Defined Radios for the Battlefield

Software Defined Radios, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a contract to provide its battle-proven software defined radios (SDRs) to the United States Army Communications Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC). The company's SDRs will be used in conjunction with Joint Tactical Radio Systems' Warfighter Information Network - Tactical (WIN-T) program which is being developed to provide tactical connectivity for dismounted soldiers. This new contract follows on from previous awards by CERDEC and DARPA where SDRs were deployed as part of their networks.

Software Defined Radios (SDR) are a type of radio that can change frequencies, bandwidths, and transmit power levels. SDRs have been around since World War II but they were not in use by the U.S military until recently due to software limitations. The company Software Defined Radios has developed a new software system called "BATTLEFILELD" which will make it easier for soldiers to communicate with each other on the battlefield using these radios. BATTLEFILELD is designed so that it will be compatible with an iPhone or Android device as well as being able to be used with any SDR sold by this company.

Software Defined Radios are designed to reduce complexity and provide more flexibility for military communications. The U.S. Army has been testing this technology and is now deploying it in Afghanistan with other units around the world expected to follow suit soon. Military software defined radios allow soldiers on the battlefield to use one radio instead of separate radios for voice communication, data networks, and satellite communications which saves money while meeting mission requirements. They also offer significant weight savings when compared to traditional hardware radios typically weighing up to 25 pounds each versus a single 2 pound device that can perform all three functions at once.

The United States military will soon have access to a new type of software defined radio that can be easily reconfigured for any mission and has an ability to store large amounts of data in its memory banks. CRFS, Inc., is a startup company who specializes in hardware and software for military communications systems. They are currently developing these radios with DARPA's help, but plan on marketing them worldwide as well once they are finalized. The new SDRs will use high-speed wireless connections which CRFS claims "can transfer 100 times more data than traditional radios."


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