Mikie Hickey Wins Rudolph Award

The Auto Relocation Coordinator is recognized for her hard work at Reindeer Auto.

The Rudolph Award was recently presented to Mikie Hickey for her outstanding work as a relocation coordinator. The Rudolph Award is given annually by Reindeer Auto Relocation company for exceptional performance at one's job. The award recognizes her dedication to ensuring client's needs are met, whether after hours or on weekends. Hickey received this award at last month's annual ceremony.

Reindeer Auto is a service providing vehicle and freight of any kind relocation from one point to another. Mikie Hickey has been with the company for eight years. As a relocation coordinator, Hickey is responsible for the financial soundness by facilitating and managing the logistics of domestic vehicle relocation. She ensures the highest quality and timely outcomes, handling one of Reindeer Auto's high-level accounts. That account survey scores improved under Hickey's role as relocation coordinator.

"When a company requests a staff member goes the extra step to provide quality service, it may be considered for a special circumstance," says Schoan Nahre, Director of Customer Experience at Reindeer Auto Relocation. "In the case of Mikie, she considers that type of service the norm. That is her approach to her Reindeer career every day. She genuinely cares about her customers and goes above and beyond her job description every day."

Mikie Hickey was born in Indiana. She is a huge sports fan following the Indianapolis Colts and Boston Red Sox and her nieces' careers in college softball. Hickey is married with two step-sons and six grandchildren. She enjoys gardening in her free time. Before working at Reindeer Auto, Hickey worked as a Project Manager scheduling inspections for HUD homes across the country.

Reindeer Auto is an industry leader in domestic, international, and freight relocation service. They use technology and training in their logistics support to plan and execute vehicles' efficient transportation from one point to another.

Reindeer Auto headquarters are located in Zionsville, Indiana. Their extensive network is licensed, bonded, and insured. Their logistics team has the experience needed to oversee the details in planning unique moves. Relocation services are provided by air, rail, or water freight. To receive a car transport quote, or for general information, go to https://reindeerauto.com/.


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