Mija Survey Ltd Introduces the Topo Van Vehicle Mounted Survey Station

Mija Survey Ltd, a company based in King’s Lynn, England, is proud to announce that they have introduced the innovative TopoVan which is now available for hire. This land surveying van makes use of a mounted scanner to enhance safety and save time. It operates at a height of 20 feet, which allows it to cover a much bigger area with every scan and it is also capable of scanning areas that a standard tripod would not be able to reach.

The TopoVan should not be confused with mobile mapping systems that work on top of a moving van at a lower height. The TopoVan is operated in a static position, just like standard tripods, except that it operates from an increased height. Although it is static when it is being operated, it can easily be moved to the next position because it is vehicle-mounted. As a result of being operated from a higher position, the number of positions from which to scan is greatly reduced.

TopoVan scanning a roof

Mija Survey Ltd has been working on several prototypes for more than a year and the TopoVan is the first product to be released in the range. Future models are expected to operate at greater heights. Meanwhile, the safety and comfort of operators are improved because they can do the scanning while sitting inside the vehicle. They don’t have to carry any heavy equipment and set it up for surveying, whatever the weather. All they need to do is choose a good base and then utilise the built-in stabilisers before raising the 3D laser scanning equipment.

With 3D laser scanning, a reflectorless laser is used to scan a surface to gather three-dimensional data. A camera sensor in the scanner captures the surface data by recording 3D points in space. This is an extremely accurate technique of gathering data in 3D and is also known as light detection and ranging (LIDAR).

With the data gathered, Mija Survey Ltd can provide various kinds of deliverables of varying complexity. Examples are the traditional 2D drawings for measured building and topographical surveys; digital terrain models; 3D point clouds; building models; and 3D models. These can be used for various needs, such as construction inspection; event pre-planning; as-built surveys; site/engineering surveys; topographical surveys; architectural restoration; building and structure elevations; roof plans; archaeology; deformation analysis; pipeline surveys; bridge, overpass and tower surveys; and volumetric surveys.

Mija Survey Ltd provides companies located throughout the United Kingdom with surveying services using advanced technology. The areas closest to its headquarters include Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk, although much of its business is conducted further afield. Using advanced hardware and software, they are able to provide highly accurate data in just a fraction of the time that it usually takes using conventional methods with the result that clients get the needed results faster at less cost and more accuracy. They offer various services, such as land surveying, 3D laser scanning, drone surveys, topographical surveys, GPR surveys, drainage CCTV surveys, and site engineering and setting out.

Drone surveys are provided using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that can go to areas that would otherwise be very difficult, hazardous, time-consuming, or even impossible to reach. These range from buildings to offshore wind turbines to railway tracks. These drone surveys may also be used to perform regular surveys of the progress of construction projects, providing site development reports to clients. By utilising advanced aerial surveying equipment, they can survey any stockpiles and provide point cloud referenced volumetric 3D models.

Topographical surveys are used to plot and identity the man-made and natural features of a particular area of land. They have topographical survey experts who use the most up-to-date technology to provide highly accurate topographical surveys for architectural design phases, planning developments, and small and large-scale engineering projects. They work with architects, designers, construction professionals, estate managers, and developers to accurately determine ground relief, map the location of man-made or natural features across all construction and development sites, and provide contour mapping.


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