Mighty Dog Roofing Clearwater Provides Free Drone Inspections

Mighty Dog Roofing Clearwater, a roofing contractor based in Dunedin, FL, is providing 25-point drone-assisted inspections for homeowners and other property owners in Clearwater and neighboring areas. After conducting the free inspections, they will provide a free estimate for the roofing project, whether for roof repair or replacement. The company provides a range of services, such as: roof inspection, gutter inspection, roof repair, roof installation, gutter installation, attic venting, gutter repair, and commercial roofing. Those who would like to learn more about the company and their different services can visit company website.

A spokesperson for Mighty Dog Roofing Clearwater says, "Our drone technology gives you verifiable and credible inspection information from the smart intelligence analytics it gives your home's professional inspections team. By setting the baseline health of your roof with our complete and thorough inspection, we keep your roofing service records and measurements, along with the history of any roofing repairs and replacement, locked away in your customer vault. This information will be unlocked every year so we can compare your last inspection with the current condition of your Clearwater Florida property. This is great information your insurance company will love if a claim is ever needed to be filed.”

The 25-point inspection Mighty Dog Roofing will provide will take a look at 25 elements. These include: inspection of valleys; eaves and rakes inspection; air conditioning unit exterior inspection; ventilation inspection; inspection of storm damage caused by hail; inspection of siding; nail head inspection; inspection of gutter aprons; drip edge inspection; chimney inspection; inspection of skylights; inspection of step and counter flashing; roof edging inspection; gutters inspection; hip and ridge inspection; plumbing stack inspection; roof ventilation and exhaust system inspection; attic inspection; downspouts inspection; inspection of roof sheathing or decking; soffits and fascia inspection; foundation drainage inspection; inspection of step counter flashing; window inspection; inspection of furnace caps and pipes; and inspection of storm damage caused by the wind.

Another unique service provided by Mighty Dog Roofing Clearwater is the Customer Vault, which provides personal storage for each customer. The information and content regarding the roof and home of every client is kept in the Customer Vault for future reference. This information and content includes: yearly updated drone inspection information; warranty information; monitoring of all repairs and replacements with dates, products, and services used; insurance information repair records; manufacturer information; photographs and videos; reports for the customer’s realtor/insurance agent; all insurance details for easy and convenient claims handling; and yearly reminders for the inspection of the customer’s roof.

Mighty Dog Roofing Clearwater also provides the Watchdog Maintenance service to make sure the roof is checked regularly and is working properly and doesn’t have any defects or issues that may worsen and become serious problems in the future. Annual maintenance inspections are performed to detect any emerging issues that may need to be repaired. They will also compare the annual inspection reports to make fairly accurate predictions on how long the roof may last, which allows the homeowner to be ready for the large investment needed for a roof replacement.

Mighty Dog Roofing Clearwater is locally owned and operated by Chris Hall who has been a resident of the Tampa Bay area for over a decade. He is excited to bring the Might Dog Roofing service to his community and surrounding areas. Before launching Mighty Dog Roofing Clearwater, he had worked for over two decades with some of the biggest technology companies in the world as a consultant and solution provider. Thus, he learned about the mechanics of running a business, comprehending its challenges, and determining the technology needed to help sustain the business and make it run better. All of those things that he learned he is currently applying to Mighty Dog Roofing. The company’s service area includes: Clearwater, Dunedin, Belleair Beach, Belleair Bluffs, Belleair, Clearwater Beach, Harbor Bluffs, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Pinellas County, Safety Harbor, and Tarpon Springs.

Those who are looking for a roofing contractor serving Clearwater, FL, and nearby areas can visit web site of Mighty Dog Roofing Clearwater or contact them on the phone.


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