Michigan Expungement Attorney Paul J. Tafelski Explains What Happens After a Record Is Expunged

Michigan expungement attorney Paul J. Tafelski releases a new article (https://www.michigandefenselaw.com/expungement-lawyer/) explaining what happens to a record after it is expunged. The lawyer mentions that there are lifelong consequences tied with a conviction. A criminal record can affect an individual’s ability to secure a job, find adequate housing, or receive an education. Expunging their criminal record may be able to help the individual move on and look forward to a better future.

“To expunge means to erase or remove. In legal terms, expungement is the process by which the court sets aside a conviction and removes it from the public record of an individual. Expunging a criminal record in Michigan is one way that individuals can overcome the consequences of their records and move forward,” says the Michigan expungement attorney.

Michigan expungement attorney

The lawyer explains that if a criminal record has been successfully expunged, then no one will be able to see that the person has been convicted of a criminal offense before. Expunging a record can mean a second chance for most people who have been convicted.

Attorney Paul J. Tafelski adds that expungement is basically an obliteration of a criminal record in some sense. It is a legal process where the old conviction is “set aside” and therefore no longer exists. The conviction should no longer exist on background checks following an expungement.

In the article, attorney Tafelski also adds that a person whose records have been expunged is not required to say that they have been convicted of such a crime before. The only employers that have access to these records are those in public service positions such as police, firefighters, EMS, or other government-involved positions.

According to attorney Paul J. Tafelski, “Fortunately, Michigan has one of the most extensive clean slate initiatives in the country. In 2020, the Michigan Legislature enacted legislation known as the Clean Slate package. As of January of 2021, new laws went into effect revising the requirements for expungement of a criminal record. The Clean Slate Act enables more individuals to be eligible for record expungement in Michigan.”

Lastly, attorney Tafelski emphasizes the importance of having a skilled defense lawyer when it comes to matters such as expunging a criminal record. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the client receive a favorable outcome and a second chance in life.

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