Michael Hunter Joins Clipper Construction as the VP of Business Development

Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, MD, is happy to announce that Michael Hunter has joined the company as the VP of Business Development. They are a commercial construction company that has sought to bring innovation to an industry that is traditionally invariable. The company’s team members have been accredited by some of the most reputation organizations in the industry, including the OSHA, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Michael Hunter had gained a broad range of experience in technical, business to business sales, for more than 12 years and therefore has gained the requisite skills to help in solving even the challenges that accompany complex construction projects. He believes that a large part of his success was due to his ability to cultivate deep relationships with his clients based on honesty, mutual trust, and respect. He obtained as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the West Virginia University. He says, “Helping people is what I do, gaining people's trust is what I'm passionate about. At Clipper Construction, the same principles apply. Let's solve your construction problems together, with a focus on root cause, so you can be successful year after year.”

Michael Hunter

The commercial construction services provided by Clipper Construction can be subdivided into several categories: project management; coordination process; reporting and cost control; and commissioning and project closeout. They will be assigning a project manager, engineer, field superintendent, and other staff members who will be working to effectively manage the construction process. These construction services can be read about at http://finance.minyanville.com/minyanville/news/read/41978009. The coordination process for any construction project will also be handled by Clipper Construction. Coordinating the various trades necessary for the construction process is an important task. And during the commercial construction process, they will also provide up-to-date information to the client with regards to the changes that have already occurred. And finally, during the completion of the project, Clipper Construction pays special attention to the commissioning and closeout of the project.

Clipper Construction’s involvement in a construction project may start long before the actual construction begins. This is because they can also provide design build construction services, which means they can also help in the pre-construction processes, such as design, preparation of the architectural drawings, collaboration with engineers in the design of the mechanicals, drafting of the scope of work, submission of the plans to the city for the approval of permits, and seeking bids from subcontractors.

The design build construction process can significantly help the project owner in minimizing risks and burden, and when they want better collaboration. Better collaboration can be expected in the design build construction process because all members of the project team have a single shared goal and that is the success of the entire project. With a better collaborative environment, team members are motivated to share their knowledge and expertise.

It is during the pre-construction process where the specific requirements of the client are determined and the designs that can comply with the requirements are chosen. The pre-construction phase is the most critical among the various stages because it is where the baseline is set from which the design will be developed. The design process has seven major steps, which are: concept development, program development, subcontractor bid process, design development, permits, construction documents, and bid letting. More can be read about at https://rebrand.ly/commercial-builder.

Clipper Construction was established with the mission of providing commercial construction services in Baltimore and surrounding areas with the highest possible level of service while ensuring businesses that their operations will not be disrupted substantially. The company has a team of construction professionals who have a lot of experience in different types and sizes of projects, including multifamily housing, office space, restaurants, industrial buildings, retail stores, medical buildings, non-profits, and more. They are a tech-enabled commercial general contracting company that can serve a broad range of industries, such as historical restoration, retail/office fit-out, mixed-use development, and adaptive reuse. It is through the use of advanced technology that they are able to achieve high efficiencies in the construction process and that projects are complete as planned, within budget, and that they can assure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Businesses requiring commercial construction services in Baltimore and surrounding areas can visit the Clipper Construction website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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