Miami, FL, Architect Tewes Design Group LLC Is Offering Free Consultations For Commercial Clients

Tewes Design Group LLC is helping corporate clients in Miami, Florida, build immaculately-designed consumer-facing commercial centers that exemplify the dynamism and value of their corporate brand and can attract new customers. Readers can find out more about the company’s past work, history, and services by heading over to its website at the link:

A spokesperson for Tewes Design Group LLC talks about its design process by saying, “We deal with a clientele that has a clear vision of what their brand stands for and how they want it to be portrayed to the world. They spend millions of dollars on research and marketing to find ways to resonate with their core audience. We believe that the properties that one builds to operate out of, need to be extended the same level of detail and thought. We want to help you distill the core strengths of your brand and company into an architectural design language that will gel well with your image. We will design spaces for you and your customers in a way that respects your core philosophies. When your employees arrive at our carefully designed offices and commercial business centers, they will work in a space that guides their ethics and motivation every hour of the day. Your customers and clients will feel safe and secure handing you their business when they spend some time being courted by your salespeople in luxurious crafted and welcoming premises that scream quality and trustworthiness. Wouldn’t you like to have such an advantage for your fledgling or established business? Give us a call today and we will schedule a free consultation to understand your needs and give you a quote for what it will take to make it happen. You won’t find a better architecture partner in all of Florida to help you build a recognizable landmark that will boldly be the face of your company for decades to come.”

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Tewes Design Group LLC, which has 21 years of experience in architecture and design, has completed 2,658 projects over the course of its long and storied history for 2,658 corporate clients and has won over 550 awards in the process. The company’s range of services includes interior architecture, interior design, commercial architecture, building plan approval, healthcare architecture, restaurant architecture, office building architecture, new buildouts of warehouses, and more. The company’s recent completion of a 200,000 square-foot commercial architecture project was covered by the media and the report can be read at the link:

The company’s list of past customers includes large private conglomerates and government organizations that have left an indelible mark on the country’s business and public landscape. Some of them include MAC Cosmetics, Norwegian Cruise Line, Resorts World, Royal Caribbean, Starbucks, Caterpillar, Komatsu, First Choice Aerospace, Allied Clinical Research, Department of Homeland Security, United States Customs and Immigration Service, the IRS, AT&T, Ford, the US Justice Department Drug Enforcement Administration, and more. The firm is well respected and active in the community as it is an active member in CREW, CIASF, and NAIOP and has a strong professional relationship with the economic development of Miami-Dade County, the Beacon Council and Broward County, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance.

The company recently completed a 150,000 square feet facility for Heartware located in Dade County. The facility comprises the executive department, conference rooms, biomedical manufacturing, and a gymnasium with three site emergency generators as well as many other support areas. The schematic plan for the project was completed in four days and the construction drawings were completed in four weeks.

The company can be contacted at the phone number 305-647-6776 or through an online form on its website to set up a free consultation to get a quote on a project that a commercial client has envisioned. Its office is located at 200 Biscayne Blvd # 1730, Miami, FL, 33131. Readers can check out testimonials from the company’s happy customers by heading over to its Google site at the link:


For more information about Tewes Design Group Miami Architects, contact the company here:

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