Miami Bed Bugs Service Strikes Merger Deal

Pest infestations are relatively normal in Miami-Dade County. Luckily, Miami Bed Bugs Service is available to any local resident facing a pest infestation in their property. The company has been providing reliable pest control services to the area for over twenty years. They offer a variety of services that take the necessary steps to treat any infestation out there or prevent any possible infestation in the future. Their services have earned a lot of high star reviews and are known to be fast, affordable, and reliable.

The company provides the community with a team of ten professionally trained exterminators who know how to treat any species of pest in the area. They have been helping the community with pest infestation for a long time and have grown their service area tremendously. They hope to continue to grow their service area into the future.

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Miami Bed Bugs Service just announced last Wednesday that they are talking with another smaller pest control company in a hope to strike a merger deal. The deal, if signed, would provide Miami Bed Bugs Service with brand new pest control equipment, new utility vans that have been prepped for pest control, and two new employees. The second party in the agreement is another pest control company that has been providing pest control services to the area for five years. The company has decided to stay anonymous until the merger contract is signed on Friday.

The president of Miami Bed Bugs Service talked more about the merger in a recent interview, “We have tripled our service area since we first opened the business many years ago. We plan to continue this growth into the future and that starts with this merger. This merger will help the company more reliably perform treatments to more families and business owners than ever before. The new vans will allow our team to get to the target infestation quicker than ever before and the new employees will allow the company to help more people than ever before.

The company has earned a lot of high star reviews for their services and are known to be a reliable and affordable pest control company. They are one of the highest rated pest control companies in the state so if anyone thinks they have a pest infestation they should try giving Miami Bed Bugs Service a try. They are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays. They can be reached by phone or through their website at


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