Miami Awards Shop is Now Offering New Line of Customizable Tahoe Tumblers

Miami, Fla – No matter where a person lives within the United States, the summer months are long and hot. With the great heat comes the great need for hydration. Right now, Miami awards shop Awards Trophy World is offering a new line of laserable Tahoe Tumblers, easily customizable to each individual, team, company, or club who orders them.

One of the best ways to encourage oneself to drink enough water throughout the day is to always carry around cold water. The problem is, of course, that water does not stay cold for long in a typical water bottle. Tahoe Tumblers are different. They keep liquids cold for up to 36 hours, making hydration much more enjoyable and convenient for the user. Awards Trophy World's ability to customize these tumblers provides a great way for any group of people, such as company employees, sports team members, and club members, to emulate a unified culture.

When it comes to the types and sizes of the laserable Tahoe Tumblers, Awards Trophy World offers them in three different sizes: 20 ounces, 30 ounces, and the rounded 16 ounces. Each of these options has a powder-coated finish and is completely customizable with laser technology. The 20-ounce tumbler is sold for $22.95, but the price decreases with the increase in the number of tumblers bought at a time, bringing the price as low as $18.95 per tumbler. Similarly, the 30-ounce ranges in price from $20.95 to $24.95, and the rounded 16-ounce ranges in price from $22.95 to $25.95.

Awards Trophy World works hard to provide the best, most efficient service, offering a wide selection of products at competitive prices. Along with their Tahoe Tumblers, some of their most popular items include custom trophies, marble awards, engraved plaques, business promotional products, and corporate awards. For more information, give Awards Trophy World a call today at (305) 592-5850 or visit their website at


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