Miami Awards Shop Highlights Their Five Service Standards as the New Year Begins

Awards Shop in Miami, FL

Miami, Fla. — The month of January is always full of new beginnings brought on by the start of the year. In the midst of all the change, Awards TrophyWorld is determined to remain consistent in their five established company standards, just as they always have. This month, the Miami awards shop is laying out and explaining to the community each of their five guaranteed standards.

Perhaps the customer-favorite standard that Awards TrophyWorld holds to is quick service. When shopping for customized items, it is common to find that they cannot be purchased at the last minute, due to the long production times. However, due to Awards TrophyWorld’s efficient operational techniques, they have reduced their average production time to five business days or less. On top of that, if a customer ever needs their item in a pinch, Awards TrophyWorld has the necessary resources to make it happen!

Another Awards TrophyWorld company standard is extensive knowledge and experience, as the company has been serving the South Florida area for over 60 years. Most of their current personnel have been loyal to Awards TrophyWorld for over 15 years, so when a customer has a special, seemingly-complicated request, Awards TrophyWorld knows exactly how to handle it.

The third company standard that Awards TrophyWorld guarantees is low prices. As previously stated, the efficient operations that have been in place for years allow Awards TrophyWorld to offer their products at low prices, while still utilizing quality materials.

The fourth benefit that Awards TrophyWorld customers enjoy is their convenient locations; they have three different stores in Miami-Dade County, so customers do not have to drive across town to get the custom awards and products they need.

The fifth and final company standard that Awards TrophyWorld holds to is always providing a wide variety of high quality products. When a customer purchases an award, gift, plaque, or any other type of product, they can be sure that their item will not fall apart or wear out quickly.

As the new year continues, Awards TrophyWorld is excited to continue serving their community with fast service, extensive knowledge, convenient locations, low prices, and a wide variety of high-quality products. To peruse their selection of custom awards, corporate gifts, plaques, business promotional items, and more, visit them online at To get a question answered or to place an order, give Awards TrophyWorld a call today at (305) 592-5850.


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