Method Seven: How To Find High Quality Polarized Sunglasses

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Santa Cruz, CA based Method Seven is recommending that everyone check out their guide on picking the right pair of high quality polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are available from hundreds, if not thousands of self-professed premium manufacturers around the world, but the actual quality, utility and durability of their products may be well under customer expectations. As a leader in the field, Method Seven is sharing this guide to help customers make sure they are getting exactly what they need.

The guide says, “Sunglasses provide eye protection against the rays of the sun. They are available in various styles and densities. Care in choosing the right sunglasses is a sensible move, regardless of the budget constraints and level of protection needed. The type of work and level of sunlight the wearer is exposed to are important factors in selecting the right pair of sunglasses.”

high quality polarized sunglasses

It goes on to observe that anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, particularly in areas that see a lot of bright sunlight, should seriously consider investing in an appropriate pair of sunglasses. This is especially true for professionals in certain industries. Method Seven itself has gained a sterling reputation for providing high quality eyewear for professionals in aviation — pilots. They have since expanded their offerings to include specialized products intended for grow room workers and even athletes, but the company’s aviation sunglasses have remained in high demand, possibly due to the fact that most people can still gain a great deal from the eye protection offered by such products.

Pilots, however, also need glasses that will not interfere with their work. According to the company, polarized sunglasses may be considered inappropriate because they have the potential to interfere with windscreens and displays. Instead, Method Seven says this variant of sunglasses may be better suited for those who, “engage in outdoor work, such as gardening, recreational activities like fishing, or sports such as tennis.” Sunglasses, polarized or not, will offer more protection than nothing, notably, so it is recommended that people use what they have if there is no other option. Many offer protection against UV rays, and virtually all sunglasses serve to cut down on glare. These are both benefits that should not be dismissed.

Method Seven explains that polarized lenses have chemicals applied that directly affect the light passing through them. In other words, they behave as a filter, blocking or absorbing a specific spectrum of light from entering the eye. The company adds that anyone who needs sunglasses for a specialized purpose should take all of their needs into account when making their final choice, and consideration should be paid to Visible Light Transmission (VLT), filters, compatibility with helmets or head gear, coatings and materials used as all of these factors can affect the product’s useability (and comfort).

On VLT, the company says, “Visible Light Transmission is the amount of light which comes through the lenses and reaches the eye itself. A higher VLT results from less tint on the lens, so that more light comes through the lens and reaches the eye. A lower VLT indicates a darker tint, and more light is blocked from reaching the eye. A VLT as low as 9% means the lens is very dark; only 9% of visible light passes through the lenses. Pilots flying into the sun need this level of VLT in order to safely operate planes and other vehicles on land, or in the air.”

Method Seven’s product line includes a variety of non-polarized and polarized sunglasses with high-quality coatings. The company has worked to improve vision overall when their products are used, and this goes much further than simply cutting down on glare and UV. The coatings they use block certain ranges of the spectrum of light, and this has the effect of balancing color as well as increasing clarity in certain conditions. Where a person may otherwise find themselves being blinded in bright conditions or experiencing significant eye strain, they will find that Method Seven’s lens coatings block harmful ultraviolet lights, absorb infrared heat, balance color and improve clarity. They even have polarized sunglasses that work with digital displays.

The full guide provides a more elaborate breakdown of the various factors that make up an excellent pair of sunglasses (polarized or not), and the company’s website has several pages dedicated to each of their industry-leading products. Method Seven has maintained a policy of transparency regarding their materials, coatings and more since their inception, and this can be of great benefit to the discerning customer.


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