Method Seven: How To Choose The Right Pilot Sunglasses

Santa Cruz, CA based Method Seven offers useful tips to those in the market for a pair of aviation sunglasses. For more information, check out “A Pilot’s Guide to Picking the Best Aviation Sunglasses,” a recent blog post on their website.

Vision is extremely important for commercial, military and general aviation pilots. Visual conditions at high altitudes are quite harsh, making the task of piloting an airborne vehicle more difficult, and also placing eyes at risk of extreme sun exposure. At higher altitudes, pilots are more likely to be exposed to harmful concentrations of ultraviolet rays, which cause eye fatigue, eye damage and radiation damage. It is very important for pilots to use aviation sunglasses—and not just any pair of aviation sunglasses. Serious pilots need sunglasses that provide maximum eye protection.

When choosing a pair of aviation sunglasses, it is important to consider visible light transmission, or VLT. This referes to the percentage of light that the sunglasses allow to penetrate through the lens to the wearer’s eyes. Sunglasses with higher VLTs have lighter tints and allow more light to reach the eyes, while sunglasses with lower VLTs have darker tints and block more light. Aviation sunglasses with low VLTs are suitable for pilots who fly into the sun, fly west or fly in exposed cockpits. Aviation sunglasses with mid-range VLTs are a great option for pilots who usually fly in mixed or general light conditions. Glasses with high VLTs are best for pilots who fly in darker cockpits and require more light.

Another important factor is protection against UVA and UVB light. UVA refers to long wave ultraviolet light, which comprises around 95% of ultraviolet light that reach the skin and the eyes. UVB, which makes up the remaining 5%, is responsible for causing sunburn. Since pilots are exposed to high amounts of ultraviolet light at higher altitudes, they need to make sure that the sunglasses they wear adequately protect them from the harmful ultraviolet light. Other important factors to consider when choosing a pair of aviation sunglasses are notch filters, coatings, design, compatibility and materials.

People who wish to purchase aviation sunglasses and grow room glasses may do so at Method Seven. Their products have received great reviews from many customers.

Elijah says in a 5-Star Amazon review of the Method Seven Agent 939 FX Full Spectrum LED Grow Room Glasses, “I recently started working with LED grow lights. When using a full spectrum grow light, even if you aren't looking at the light directly, it can leave your eyes feeling tired and weary. And if you happen to accidentally glance at them or they catch your peripheral vision, you'll be left blinded for a few seconds. I first bought a cheap $20-$30 pair of grow light glasses. They helped some but my eyes still were tired after working under the lights for an extended period of time. Plus, they gave everything a colored hue that makes you want to pull them up to see things in real color.”

The review continues, “However, the Method Seven glasses were like magic. Talk about a world class difference! Not only will they protect your eyes even during extended work hours under full spectrum LED grow lights without taking a toll on your eyes, it does all of this while allowing you to see in natural color. So, if you have to transition between a room with the grow light to a work area without a grow light, your vision isn't impaired. Your natural color vision and the comfortable fit makes you forget you're wearing them. So if you are really serious about protecting your eyes, look no further. These are the glasses for you. Don't even consider anything less!”

Those interested in Method Seven and the pilot sunglasses they offer can learn more by heading over to the company’s website. Alternatively, customers may visit Method Seven’s Amazon web store to check out their wide range of aviation glasses for sale.


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