Metal Building Company, STEVENS, Discusses How Long it Takes To Erect A Metal Building

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors has released an article discussing the speed of construction of pre-engineered metal buildings. Different factors determine the length of time required for the design, building, and erection of a metal building, states the prefabricated metal building contractor, adding, “Everything from redesigns to building complications can all affect how long it takes to erect your metal building.”

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According to STEVENS, the size and type of building affect the speed of construction. While simple buildings go up quickly, highly customized designs take more time.

“A clear span or an exceptionally wide structure over 80' will need additional construction time to handle the heavier rafter beams,” states the leading pre-engineered metal building company.

The Ohio metal building erector explains that the crew’s experience also affects a steel construction project's duration. STEVENS also points out that the equipment and building materials will impact the construction times. When using traditional building materials, construction crews have to do on-site fabrication to erect the structure. With a pre-engineered steel building, the pieces arrive without the need for cutting or resizing.

The Ohio metal building erector emphasizes the benefits of pre-engineered steel construction systems over traditional construction materials and how metal buildings are safer, more durable, and have a shorter construction timetable, adding “Prefabrication eliminates much of the measuring, cutting, and welding at the job site.”

According to the top prefabricated steel construction company in Ohio, custom materials require more fabrication time but still allow for a truncated construction schedule.

“Your shipping time will depend on the distance from the manufacturer to your building site, the weather, and the traffic to the site. Remote sites take longer for deliveries than a site in a nearby suburb,” says Vicki Anderson, CEO of STEVENS.

As an experienced metal building company in Ohio, STEVENS has erected steel constructions in record time, allowing their clients to open up quicker than other competitors. The metal building team emphasizes the importance of getting the initial drawings right, which will impact the time to create engineered blueprints ready for approvals.

“The more details you provide and the clearer the picture you have for your structure, the easier and quicker the blueprints will come together,” Vicki explains.

“Your drawing should be as close to your vision as possible so your vendor can give you an accurate quote,” STEVENS stresses the need for precise planning in the construction of prefabricated projects, adding that regular communication with the construction company is an important factor.

The Ohio prefab steel constructor suggests that the choice of premanufactured steel building erectors can influence the erection time, as most contractors “don't have much contact with the building architects and designers,” which may cause delays and higher costs in the late stages of a project.

STEVENS has decades of experience handling the entire metal building project from start to finish, which enables them to troubleshoot potential erection issues during the planning phase. As a top Ohio steel building erector, STEVENS has the know-how and specialization to avoid unnecessary and costly delays.

Anyone looking to construct a prefabricated metal building should connect with STEVENS to ensure the job is done quickly and correctly. A quality metal builder in Ohio with decades of experience in the industry can create an attractive and well-designed prefab metal building that is durable and quick to erect.

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