Merger Announcement at Buzz's Bee Removal of Columbus

Buzz’s Bee Removal of Columbus has been helping local residents and business owners of Muscogee County for years with stinging insect pest control. The company is known for their reliable bee removal services but also offer wasp and hornet extermination. They have constantly tried to grow their service area as much as they can in order to help as many people as possible. Recently, they announced a merger that will help boost the growth of their service area.

Last Friday, the president of the company announced that they will be merging with another smaller, unnamed pest control company. In the merger, Buzz’s Bee Removal will receive three new utility vehicles, brand new pest control equipment, as well as two new exterminators. The utility vehicles are already set up for pest control and have less than 20,000 miles on them. They will help the team arrive at infestations faster and more reliably.

The new pest control equipment will help them more effectively remove any bees, wasps, or hornets from the target property. This also lets them use the old equipment for backup in case the new equipment needs maintenance work. Finally, the new exterminators who are transferring to their team will allow them to help more people than ever before. These new exterminators are professionally trained and already have years of experience in the pest control industry so they are more than qualified.

A representative of the company talked about the merger in an interview on Monday, “The company is super excited to go through with this merger. It will allow us to help more people than ever before, more reliably than ever before. The new vehicles are super nice and new and will help our team stay organized and find their equipment faster. The new equipment will take care of the stinging pests in half the time while staying just as effective. And the most exciting thing is the new team members. We are excited to be welcoming to the team this Wednesday and we know they will do their best to help as many people as possible.

The company is known for being fast, affordable, and reliable. They serve anyone in Columbus, Georgia no matter how bad the infestation is. They just don’t want anyone getting stung or anyone to have to deal with the stress of the stinging pests damaging their property. They perform routine checkups that make sure the pests don’t try to come back once they have been completely removed. They also perform preventative measures to guarantee that the bees, wasps, or hornets don’t try to build their home in the same location again.

If anyone in the area is in need of stinging pest control, they should contact Buzz’s Bee Removal of Columbus immediately. It is dangerous to try and remove the pests alone. This task should always be left to a professional because the pests won’t hesitate to attack. Their stings are very painful and can be fatal to some people. Call them today by phone or on their website at


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