Merchant Alternatives Launches New Web Design

Merchant Alternatives has just announced the launch of its newly designed website. This is part of this merchant solution information provider’s efforts to remain as progressive a company as possible. Since they do the vast majority of their work through their website, they realize how critically important a modern and user-friendly website is to their efforts. This is not the first time in their 15-year history that they have put their experience to work and come up with a newly redesigned website. The company’s purpose is to provide independently researched unbiased reviews of business software, merchant account providers, and vendors. These are not only designed to help business owners make informed decisions on these important business aspects but they are very helpful educational resources for entrepreneurs and other types of merchants too. In today’s high-tech world with many business transactions being done through credit card processing or in the virtual world, these decisions are important for businesses to get right, and the services that Merchant Alternatives offers can greatly assist with that.

A representative of the company stated, “Our mission is to help business owners make better, more informed decisions, about the products, services, and systems that they use to do such important tasks as process payments. That makes it critical for us to have a website that performs in a way that enables us to do a good job covering these areas. We feel that we have accomplished that and more with our new website design. All of us involved in the redesign process here at the company like the way that the newly designed website turned out. Judging by the response from the business owners that have visited the new website, they are extremely pleased with it too.”

The company representative went on to talk about some of the highlights of their new website design that was undertaken at their St. Petersburg office. It was mentioned that the very first thing that will jump out at those who go to the website is how simply stated it is in looks, color, and printed text. She says that they did this to help business owners quickly get to the information on the website that they are interested in and not have to waste time sorting through other information that is not important to them. The drop-down menu has also been simplified and now only consists of three categories at the top of the home page. These are Home, About Us, and Reviews. Other menu items are now found at the bottom of the homepage along with a few links that are not working that were included for future website expansion. The company representative added that they think one of the best features of the new website is the way they now have links set up in the middle of the home page where a business can search for merchant solutions by the specific industry, type, or sector that the website user’s business is in. There is even a link on the homepage that will take a user to a webpage that describes in more detail how merchant processing works. They feel this will benefit their visiting business owners greatly when they are trying to decide which merchant processors they will use.

It was also pointed out by Merchant Alternatives representative that they spent much time figuring out how they wanted to do the review section on the new website since this is what many business owners refer to their website for. She says that they decided to go with a layout where a business owner can take a look at a specific merchant solutions provider or search by one based on such specializations as E-commerce, high risk, high volume, hospitality, mom and pop businesses, non-profits, and professional services. There is even a link that will allow a website user to browse the company’s highest-rated merchant account providers. The company representative says that the new website has some 5 pages with in-depth reviews on merchant solution providers.

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