MEP Engineering Company Highlights Director of Engineering and Field Services

Surna Cultivation Technologies recognized Kenneth Loshelder for his contributions as the director of engineering and field services. With over 15-years of experience, Loshelder has built a career focused on environmental consistency and energy efficiency. Surna commented, “We are extremely thankful for Kenneth and all that his team of engineers does for our company and clients.”

Surna is an MEP Engineering company that specializes in products specific to indoor agriculture and grow room operations. Surna plans to expand its services in the United States and Canada by laying the groundwork for additional indoor agriculture technologies.

Kenneth Loshelder

Surna provides mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services specific to indoor agriculture, fresh produce cultivation, and grow room design. Surna has worked in HVAC services specific to indoor cultivation since 2006 and is one of the first companies to specialize in this type of application of MEP engineering.

In a recent article, Surna discussed the major differences between traditional HVACD systems vs those specific to grow operations. Surna noted that “an indoor grow operation is not the same as other commercial buildings and requires unique features like HVAC systems designed to support cannabis cultivation operations."

Loshelder encourages cultivators to engage with experienced mechanical engineers early in the buildout process. We asked Kenneth to answer some questions and lend valuable insight into the construction of cultivation facilities.

These systems include required intake and exhaust systems, indoor air quality treatments, filtration systems, support for CO2 enrichment technologies, and controls for lighting.

When asked how indoor cultivators can maximize efficiency in energy consumption Loshelder said, “It’s critical that you use an accredited professional with experience designing indoor grow facilities. In indoor agricultural operations, there are many factors to consider including temperature control and climate optimization, indoor air quality, CO2 enrichment technologies for indoor cultivation, proper dehumidification to name a few.”

This is precisely why Surna partners with energy-efficient MEP Engineering engineers for all indoor agriculture design projects.

Surna is an MEP engineering company providing indoor agriculture HVAC services, indoor farming technology, energy-efficient indoor cultivation design & building plans for commercial indoor grow operations. According to their website, Surna services clients throughout the United States, including California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, New York, and New Jersey.

When asked about his interest in indoor agriculture and the cannabis industry, Loshelder commented, “I’ve also always had a general interest in plants and make it a point to visit gardens all over the country, so I find the industry merges multiple points of interest for me. As for cannabis, prohibition was a bit extreme to me… the plant offers clear positive benefits to people in several ways.”

Loshelder continued to discuss how his role as the director of engineering and field services has provided him with unique professional and personal growth opportunities. Additionally, as Surna evolves into the broader CEA market, Loshelder is optimistic for interesting projects to come — It’s an exciting time in indoor agriculture.

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