MeowWiki Donates $500 to Crafty Cat Rescue

MeowWiki has made a $500 donation to Crafty Cat Rescue—a no-kill refuge for stray, abused, and neglected animals in Ann Arbor, MI. The donation resulted from MeowWiki’s recent animal charities donation giveaway.

animal shelter donation charitiesFor the event, MeowWiki donated $500 to the animal shelter of the winner’s choosing. The winner, Dawn C., chose Crafty Cat Rescue. Dawn is also from Ann Arbor and rescued Simba from the side of the road and would not have made it without the help of the shelter. Dawn also received a $500 check to spend, too.

Using foster housing in the Ann Arbor area, Crafty Cat Rescue can shelter between 50 to 75 cats at a time, as well as a limited number of other small pets. The rescue was founded in 2006.

“We’re proud to help support Crafty Cat Rescue with this donation,” said Adrienne Jade, owner of MeowWiki. “MeowWiki is dedicated to supporting no-kill shelters and helping animals find loving homes. Our ongoing animal charities giveaway is one way we help shelters defray the costs of their programs.”

MeowWiki’s next animal shelter charity donation is going on now. Details and entry form can be found on the MeowWiki website.

MeowWiki’s primary focus is on providing information about various cat breeds and cat health issues. One such issue is how to effectively manage diabetes in cats.

“Although it is impossible to prevent diabetes in cats predisposed to the condition, cat owners can significantly reduce the risk by feeding their cats appropriately and ensuring they get enough exercise,” said Jade. “At MeowWiki, we want to build awareness that it is possible to manage feline diabetes—and it isn’t as difficult as cat owners fear.”

Even though feline diabetes has no cure, the condition can often be controlled with a combination of insulin therapy and a strict diet. If a cat is diagnosed with diabetes, the veterinarian will recommend a low-carbohydrate, low-fat diet and begin insulin therapy. After treatment begins, the vet will administer regular blood tests to ensure that the diabetes is being effectively managed. If needed, the vet will adjust the insulin dosage.

“Many owners are dismayed to learn that insulin therapy will involve giving their cat regular injections,” said Jade. However, many owners quickly overcome their nervousness and learn how to give injectables to their feline friends. The combination of the proper diet and insulin therapy often allows cats to go into remission and live long, healthy lives. Also, cats can actually go into remission from diabetes, so checking glucose levels with an easily found, affordable glucose meter each day is important.

Although any breed of cat can contract diabetes, certain breeds are more prone to obesity—a primary cause of the disease. For example, Russian Blue cats easily gain weight. This means that owners of Russian Blues must be careful not to overfeed their cat and to consider purchasing food designed to help manage weight.

MeowWiki provides information about feline health and various breeds to cat and kitten owners across the country and encourages its users to submit photos of their feline companions. MeowWiki also regularly features feline rescue and adoption stories on its site and various social media platforms.


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