Mental Health Technologies Is Offering An Assessment Platform For Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Technologies, an online SaaS (Software as a Service) assessment platform that enables screening and testing of patients for mental health and substance abuse issues, is inviting health care professionals to learn more about its product offerings and get the insight into objectively improving their patients’ journey to wellness. Interested readers can follow the company’s Facebook page at to stay updated with its services.

The company’s services can have an impact at the patient, clinician, and medical director levels. For medical directors, MHT proactively provides assessment activity reports for the entirety of a clinic. These reports aid medical directors in quickly identifying high-risk patients, implementing quality of care initiatives, managing clinician performance and best practices, and efficiently identifying patients for advanced treatment options such as TMS and Spravato. It also helps them increase revenues on a per-patient basis through the use of established CPT codes.

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Clinicians can also benefit from MHT’s services as they can receive assessment results ahead of clinical encounters, which are then documented and graphed in each individual patients’ chart. This helps clinicians improve efficiency for each encounter, track clinical outcomes for each patient, and quantify their patients’ progress with reliable metrics. Justin Gammill from TMS Clinical Therapy, Texas, talks about MHT’s services by saying, “MHT’s user-friendly interface allows us to efficiently test and track our patients through TMS therapy. Additionally, the staff is always readily available to assist when needed.”

MHT’s services also help improve the patient’s experience. Patients can access the mental health assessment software on a mobile device prior to their visit. The assessment results are then immediately available to their provider. MHT’s services also help them objectively measure the progress over the course of the treatment. It also helps clinicians and medical staff more efficiently identify alternative treatments that may prove beneficial to the patients.

MHT’s solutions also provide a path to additional revenues for clinics, which can be used to improve facilities, breadth of solutions, and the number of staff available to the patients. Medical directors and clinicians can find out more about the company’s services by following it on its Twitter page at

MHT includes assessments for depression for both adults and youth, anxiety for both adults and youth, ADHD/ADD, PTSD, pain, drug and alcohol dependence, OCD, opioid use, fall risk, bipolar disorder, disability, eating disorders, and postpartum depression. MHT’s automated scoring helps identify potential red flags and assists in initiating a conversation surrounding a patient’s mental health.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its services for assessing mental health disorders by saying, “Assessing mental health has been, so far, a subjective matter. A mental health provider can only rely on and trust the information given to them by a patient to assess whether they are making progress or not. Time and time again, research has shown that patients are not always comfortable sharing information such as suicidal ideation with their health care providers. Our software breaks the subjectivity barrier and brings objectivity to the process allowing all data to be tracked and interpreted over the patient’s entire course of treatment. Once a patient takes an assessment, its results are available immediately for analysis and are graphically comparable to previous assessments. Medical directors and clinicians who are focused on the big picture can analyze the progress of their entire patient population, quantifying the effectiveness of their clinic’s services. We are ushering in a new paradigm of mental health care and we are inviting clinicians all over the country to be a part of this change.”

Dr. Ronald Wuest, Chairman of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, Dupage Medical Group, and co-founder of MHT talks about the effects of MHT’s products on its services by saying, “As a Medical Director of a mental health clinic, MHT reporting provides me with the information I need to assist our clinicians in evaluating better paths to wellness for our patients. The historical views and trending analysis are invaluable to our practice.”

MHT can be contacted at the email address for all business inquiries.


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