Mental Health Technologies Helps In Diagnosing Chronic Stress

Mental Health Technologies (MHT), based in Aurora, Illinois, is pleased to offer their SaaS platform to help medical professionals in the process of diagnosing chronic stress and other mental health disorders. The company offers a (SaaS) Assessment Platform that enables healthcare professionals to screen and test patients for mental health and substance abuse issues, which can objectively improve a patient’s journey to a healthier life.

The benefits of Mental Health Technologies can be seen at the patient, clinician and medical director levels. The company’s solutions also provide a path to additional revenues for clinics, which can be used to improve facilities, conduct new research and implement practical solutions as well as increase the number of staff available to patients. The company proactively provides Assessment Activity Reports for the entirety of a clinic’s operations, which can aid any medical facility in many areas. For instance, it can help them quickly identify high-risk patients, implement quality of care initiatives and also manage clinician performance and best practice. These reports can also assist with maintaining efficient patient identification for advanced treatment options (such as TMS and Spravato).

Providers, in particular, can greatly benefit from using the mental health assessment software offered. They receive assessment results ahead of clinical encounters, which is then documented and graphed in each individual patients’ chart. This can improve efficiency for each encounter, track clinical outcomes and serve to quantify a patient’s progress with reliable metrics. To quote the testimonial from Justin Gammill, of the TMS Clinical Therapy, Texas, “MHT’s user-friendly interface allows us to efficiently test and track our patients through TMS therapy. Additionally, the staff is always readily available to assist when needed!”

The platform allows healthcare practices to electronically send DSM-IV or DSM-V compliant screening tests to their patients. These tests are mostly focused on mental health and substance abuse disorders. The platform also allows healthcare providers to consider additional information to determine the appropriate type (and level) of care to give their patients. They can test for a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The platform helps create objective data points that allow healthcare professionals to create better treatment plans to suit the needs of each individual patient in order to better aid their recovery. It also allows patients to complete digital assessments at their convenience, either at the doctor’s office or electronically from wherever they may be. This enables the sharing of test results with different medical audiences, such as family doctors, therapists or specialists. Naturally, it can be used to objectively track progress over time and even help confirm a diagnosis.

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This is an extremely beneficial usage of the software, particularly since approximately 1 in 5 adolescents and adults in the US experience mental illness in a given year. It has also been shown that nearly one in three adolescents and teenagers meet criteria for an anxiety disorder by the age of 18. Widespread use of the Mental Health Technologies platform can help many patients in the long run by improving the efficiency of health service providers and medical facilities. In a testimonial by Dr. Sarah ElSadre, the Clinic Director of The PsyClinic in Houston, Texas, the benefits of using this platform are clearly highlighted. She says, “MHT has allowed The PsyClinic to objectively track our patient population’s progress through treatment, at both the patient and provider level, via electronic psychometric testing. MHT has been a great partner, and they have been there for us whenever we had a question or needed to train new staff.”

Mental Health Technologies is a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform for testing and screening patients for behavioral health disorders. The platform brings technological innovation to healthcare and is becoming instrumental in assisting professionals by addressing the growing challenge in providing services for mental health and substance abuse. By focusing on ease-of-use for both patients and providers, the facility for objective data collection and enhanced billing practices, the company’s goal is to horizontally integrate the entire mental health process for healthcare professionals.


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