Memphis TN Roofing Contractor Company Announces New Service Area

West-TN Memphis Roofing has announced they have opened a new location in the greater Memphis, TN metropolitan area. The company is offering a completely free 21-point inspection to homeowners and building owners.

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Early detection of potential roof damage and other problems is key to preventing further roof damage and costly repairs for homeowners. Regular, professional roof inspections are a crucial part of homeownership. Without them, property owners could be putting their shelter at risk for serious, critical damage. Roofs are difficult to check, and because some homeowners do not usually think to inspect them, any damage that has occurred goes unnoticed and undetected, sometimes even for extensive periods of time. That is why most roofing contractors suggest having the roof inspected twice a year, in spring and fall, as a preventative measure. Experts also suggest homeowners and building owners have their roofs inspected immediately after major storms to detect damage and potential leaks. With moisture comes mold, and with mold comes potential health problems for homeowners and their families, which is certainly something nobody wants. A roof inspection that is done on the regular can troubleshoot any problems the roof has, repairing them before the damage even sets in.

Company representative, Justin Robertson, stated, “With all of the recent storms, our company is able to help provide extra help to Memphis residents to help restore their homes to pre-storm damage condition, and provide homeowners the ability to entrust their residence to a trustworthy, local roofing contractor.”

According to West-TN Memphis Roofing, their 21-point roof inspection one of the most thorough roofing examinations in the industry. During a West-TN Memphis Roofing inspection, the technician will not only look for signs of storm, wind and hail damage, but the overall roofing condition and structural integrity. The company technician will also look for all possible leak spots, moisture issues, roof seals, missing or broken shingles, and algae growth on the roof, flashings, skylights, and any other problematic areas. Any storm damage discovered during the inspection will be thoroughly documented, photographed, and brought to the attention of the homeowner upon completion of the inspection.

As an additional service to home and building owners, West-TN Memphis Roofing make financing options available. Homeowners that do not qualify for insurance can still get the repair services they need with very manageable, and small monthly payments.

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Company representative Justin Robertson further stated, “Unlike our competitors, we provide this comprehensive storm damage roofing examination at no cost. Our contractors are also licensed, bonded, and we offer premium warranties such as 50+ year warranties.”

The roof of a home or building is the first line of defense against the elements. As such, it is very important that it be maintained. Professional roofing companies in the greater Memphis, TN area such as West-TN Memphis Roofing is making it easier for homeowners and building owners to do just that.

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