Memberium Sponsors Breakthrough Partnerkon/PKON Hybrid Event in November 2021

On Nov 1–3, local small business software provider Memberium was proud to serve as a sponsor of PKON 2021, the international digital marketing event that prepares small business experts to best serve their entrepreneurial communities in the upcoming year. After being virtual only in 2020 due to COVID, PKON, the annual summit for Keap’s certified partners, came back by popular demand, because of just how much small businesses across the country depend on the work they do – this time in a new and improved hybrid format.

As the business world adjusts to life post-COVID, Keap and Memberium are leading the way digitally as companies continue to migrate online for the sales, marketing, and membership interactions that will ensure their growth in years to come.

Memberium supported this year’s event by providing sponsorship via a virtual booth experience as well as attending the conference live. What followed was an intensive three days of groundbreaking ideas, strategy, and networking with Keap’s executive team as well as the experts who deliver much needed service to small businesses across all industries.

Standout PKON sessions included topics that will be key to growth in 2022 for small business owners across the country including: making data driven decisions with reporting and analytics, improving CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), creating content that effortlessly attracts your ideal clients, avoiding the spam folder, generating leads through events, closing the gaps in your customer onboarding experience, and several other topics.

"Memberium is thrilled to be able to meet both in-person and virtually with all the Keap partners at PKON 2021. The eLearning market is only growing and that same sentiment was shared throughout the conference. Memberium is well positioned by being in a growing market with valuable partners helping propel the company to new heights,” said Benjamin Denny, a Memberium representative.

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