Memberium Offers Virtual, Live Webinar Training for all Keap Certified Partners in the US West Coast and Plains and Canada West Region

Memberium, a company based in Spanish Fork, Utah, has recently provided a virtual, live webinar training for all Keap Certified Partners in the US West Coast and Plains and Canada West region. It should be noted that with Memberium it is possible to build powerful, automated membership sites while being supported by a team who can be easily called on when there are issues. Memberium has seven core components that make it the easiest, most effective way to build a membership that would be able to grow, thrive and operate on its own.

Having been built on these seven core components, Memberium has been trusted by many of the world’s top marketers and thousands of other successful business owners. Today, Memberium supports more than 22,000,000 members all over the world for more than 6,000 sites. The seven core components of Memberium are: Infinite Keap Integration; Membership Site Builder; Unlimited Offer Stackability; No Code Membership Experience; Unified WordPress Experience; Featherweight API Usage; and Maximum Flexibility.

It is important to note that Memberium isn’t like any other platform that simply “integrates” with Keap (previously Infusionsoft). It was built to work exclusively with Keap from the ground up. Memberium was originally developed based on what top internet marketers wanted from their membership plugin. Some of Memberium’s earliest customers were Jeff Walker, John Assaraf, and Digital Marketer. Being based on what top marketers wanted, combined with the fact that it was built exclusively for Keap, an infinite number of options are available to the user that can be used to easily automate the membership or course so it will be able to grow, thrive and operate on its own.

Having an Infinite Keap Integration with a membership platform will help the user save a lot of time and headaches from things not working with Keap. There will be much less time spent on manual repetitive tasks along with all the advantages that can be gained from having an automated membership site or course that is able to grow, operate, and thrive on its own.

Other membership platforms will limit what can be done with Keap if they weren’t built to work with it right from the start. With Memberium, Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) comes first. This provides the user with an infinite number of options that can be leveraged to easily automate the membership site or course.

There are number of features included in the Infinite Keap Integration, such as: creation of an unlimited number of courses and memberships based on Infusionsoft tags; use of Autologin links to allow the members to login magically without passwords; full control over what content people can see based on the Keap tags; allow customers to update and manage their credit cards and/or payments automatically; selling and offering an unlimited one-click upsell offers through the WordPress site automatically; selling of group accounts and team memberships through Keap; allowing customers to view and pay past-due Infusionsoft or Keap invoices; automatic management of failed payments and access to the membership program; allowing of members to manage their subscriptions and accounts; tons of shortcodes that enable the user to leverage Keap’s automation tools in the WordPress site; more than 25 built-in integrations that help connect Keap to all other favorite WordPress plugins; and enabling of members to upload files to Keap and automate the collection of important files from customers.

Meanwhile, the unlimited offer stackability of Memberium is important because it enables the user to sell an unlimited number of products, to an unlimited number of people. All of that is done while automatically delivering access to them after they’ve been purchased. If the user can dream up an offer to sell, he or she will be able to sell and fulfill it with Memberium automatically.

With this unlimited offer stackability, it is possible to sell an unlimited number of membership levels. It is also possible to sell an unlimited number of online courses sold for a one-time fee (or through pricing plans). Those who would like to know more about Memberium can check out their website at


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