Memberium Launches MemberiumPay For Easily Selling Digital Products And Subscription Services

Memberium, a powerful automated membership site software, has launched a new feature - MemberiumPay.

MemberiumPay allows Memberium users to sell access to online courses or membership sites without any additional plugins or eCommerce add-ons. All payments are processed by Stripe and/or Paypal. The goal of the software is to reduce the barrier to entry to sell a membership or online course.

MemberiumPay’s strengths lie in its simplicity to set up and use. The software obfuscates the complexity behind a simple user interface that anyone can manage. Memberium also provides excellent, high-quality support to its clients who want some help getting started.

At its core, MemberiumPay allows users to create simple and responsive order forms that can be placed anywhere on a WordPress site. Once a customer makes a purchase, the website’s CRM is instantly triggered to grant them access to the digital product. The user can also trigger any other automation that they want to invoke upon receipt of purchase. For example, if a member fails to renew their subscription due to faulty payment details, the system can be set up to send the customer an email mentioning the problem. The system will then assign the user a tag that will block access to the digital products until the payment is successfully made. The aforementioned tags can be set up for a wide range of events, giving the site administrator unprecedented fine control over access to their system.

The Memberium site’s administrators can create as many products and order forms as they need at no extra cost. The payment details get collected at the bottom of the order form from where they are sent to Stripe over a secure connection for payment processing.

MemberiumPay also supports selling recurring membership products. These subscription-type products can be set up to re-bill automatically monthly, yearly, or any recurring time period that the business owner sees fit. Setting up subscriptions is a Memberium Pro feature only. MemberiumPay also allows users to sell free trials for their customers. When creating a subscription product, the user can check a box that tells the system to create a trial offer with the selected subscription product.

Another helpful feature that MemberiumPay brings along with it is the ability for the website’s clients to self-manage their accounts through the Memberium site. This involves all the heavy lifting such as updating billing details, adding or removing payment info, providing invoices, or canceling a subscription. Memberium allows small startups and individuals to provide the quality of service that is expected from all membership sites and businesses in 2021 without breaking the bank.

The company compares its offering to WooCommerce, another WordPress plugin that allows the same kind of feature set that Memberium Pay provides. WooCommerce, the company says, is overkill for digital products and it doesn’t even allow subscriptions unless one purchases an expensive yearly addon. Memberium Pay is far less complex and easy to set up compared to WooCommerce, giving the site administrators the power to implement everything they might need with no hassle.

A spokesperson for Memberium says, “Memberium Pay was designed to be used by regular business owners who want to get started with digital goods and subscription-based business models quickly and effortlessly. We want to make it very simple to set up your own digital store without having to dig through hours and hours of tutorials and code. We have succeeded at that goal as Memberium Pay brings all the essential features that you would find offered by big tech companies right on your website. The setup is easy and the maintenance even simpler. If you are already using Memberium, your job just got a lot easier thanks to Memberium Pay.”

The feature is available right now for users of Memberium for ActiveCampaign. It will be available for Memberium for Keap users in the future. Readers can find out all the details about Memberium Pay by heading over to


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