Memberium & Brett Gilliland Explore Elite Entrepreneurs’ Success

Memberium recently conducted a behind the scenes look and walkthrough of Brett Gilliland’s Elite Entrepreneurs membership site.

Brett’s business and methodology has helped numerous entrepreneurs grow from $1M to $10M in revenue by following the proven strategies they share. These methods are the same ones that Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) followed on their growth journey.

In fact, while Elite Entrepreneurs got its official start as a standalone company in 2018, the Elite Forum was born inside of Infusionsoft in December of 2011. As things grew, it was decided it needed to be its own company and that’s how it exists today.

Elite Entrepreneurs has exclusive rights to all of the learning, content, processes and tools Infusionsoft used to grow to $10M+ complete with real-life examples from Infusionsoft’s journey that business owners can leverage as they work to scale their businesses. In essence, they packaged up 10,000 hours of mastery in business building so business owners can accelerate their growth.

As Brett says in the interview, “It’s not unusual for people in the Elite program to double or triple their revenue just by going through and implementing the methods we teach.”

Elite was created because the need for business owners to get help was only growing. Brett explains in the full interview, “You might even be able to relate to this - a business owner gets worn out and they’re trying to keep growing but not seeing any results.

“This usually happens right around the one million dollar mark. At that point, it’s almost like you hit a wall that you can’t scale past. Brett explains in this video why that is. Simply, the things that got you to the first million won’t work to get you to 10 million.

“You can’t be the superhero entrepreneur anymore, you need to learn how to manage a team of people who will continue to drive your growth engine.”

Listen to the interview and read a summary of what was discussed at the following link:

The Elite Entrepreneurs membership site is built using Memberium.

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