Now Ready To Release Apps, an online dating platform for people diagnosed with herpes, is reaching out to share information on the upcoming launch of their new apps. The company seeks to make their platform more accessible with this launch, helping HVS-positive singles all across the US find a partner who knows their struggles.

"We have been working for several months on the development of these apps. While we are not quite ready to launch yet, we believe that now is a good time to reach out and share some info on what you can expect from them," says Jack Lombardi, CEO of MeetPositives. He continues, “Through these apps, we bring the members of our community a new way to access our platform and stay connected no matter where they are. They will get full access to our resources, as well as our forum space and messaging platform. Safety and privacy is a guarantee, as with all our services, making this as much of a reliable way to access our space as any other. These apps will deliver on our promises to make dating convenient and easy, facilitating communication and giving members of our community all the tools they need to meet their soulmate.”

Meet Positives

The MeetPositives platform helps HSV-positive persons meet others who are going through, or have gone, through similar struggles. Their hope is that helping such people meet like-minded individuals will help them find mutually shared comfort and support.

Lombardi says, "Despite affecting tens of millions of people, herpes is a disease that tends to make people feel alone and isolated. People with herpes tend to struggle with dating, fearing the rejection and prejudices that often surround the disease. We seek to take down these barriers through our platform, helping members of our community realize that they can still live a happy and healthy life. This is what a dating site for people with herpes should do, and above all else, it is our mission as a company."

Most of the users on MeetPositives website are HSV-positive, with a small percentage of people who have been closely related to a positive person in the past. This creates a community of members who know the struggles their peers face, making the dating site a place where users can share their anecdotes, seek advice and receive help. All of this comes from, and is directed to, similar people who understand their situation and will not be quick to judge.

"In our forum, the members of our community can share their stories along with advice and information on how to live a better life with this status," states Lombardi. "This is a place where you can share as much as you feel comfortable sharing, either in the hopes of receiving counsel or just to vent. For many, this can be a life-changing experience, as you sometimes only need to open up and share your feelings without having any second thoughts or concerns about judgement. Members of our community can choose to enjoy complete anonymity, allowing them to pick when, if ever, they want to open up to anyone they meet on the site.”

MeetPositives is not purely a dating platform, as the site also contains useful resources that can be of help to HVS-positive people, helping them understand their condition. Some of the resources available on the site include information on herpes symptoms, how to use at-home STD tests and even online tips for visitors to stay safe as they navigate and interact with the site. The activity on their forums is constant, as there are thousands of HVS-positive members registered and logged in at any given time, allowing users to receive responses to their concerns in real-time and find support as well as mental and emotional relief.

The MeetPositives website offers more details on MeetPositives and how one may join their community. Interested parties may reach out to Jack Lombardi to follow up on any inquiries regarding the platform as well. Additionally, the company can also be reached through their social media pages.


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