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Meet Positives is a dating website where those living with an STD can find support and the chance to meet their soulmates. It has been rated as the number 1 trusted STD dating site based on a 2019 survey of 2016 US positive singles. The website also hosts other content that would appeal to positive singles such as member stories, online safety tips, a guide for symptoms, a blog section, a support center for technical issues, and details about at-home std tests.

The member stories section is filled with descriptions of real-life events shared by those suffering from STDs. The section allows users to learn stories from others in the community going through the same trials and tribulations as them. It reinforces the positive aspects of being a part of a community that understands the struggles its members have to go through. It helps victims to know that there are others like them who share the common bond of being affected by an embarrassing affliction.

Meet Positives

The online safety tips section talks about the precautions one has to take to avoid being scammed on a dating site. It lists warning signs that a user must look for to not get financially defrauded in the community. Some of those signs include someone asking the user immediately to communicate outside the dating site through other means, claiming they are from the United States but is currently abroad traveling, asking for financial help, disappearing from the dating site, and emerging using a different user name, making major grammar and spelling mistakes, talking persistently about fate or destiny, sending emails with links to other websites, claims to have been widowed recently, or asking for the user’s address claiming to want to send flowers.

The symptoms section of the website can help positive singles to determine if they are suffering from the obvious indications of sexually transmitted diseases. These symptoms include a burning sensation when urinating if the urine comes into contact with the sores, finding it difficult to urinate due to blocking of the urethra caused by sore swelling, pain near the genitals, and itching. If the infection is caused by HSV-2, it can lead to other more flu-like symptoms such as swollen glands in the throat, underarm, and pelvis area, achiness and fatigue, fever, chills, and headaches.

The blog on the website is filled with articles on different topics such as dating, dating tips, living with diseases, news, and safe sex. Some of the blog topics include “the signs and symptoms of herpes”, “the similarities of herpes and coronavirus”, “what you should and shouldn’t do after having sex”, “herpes cases high at Coachella 2019”, and many more such examples.

Jack Lombardi, the founder of the website says, “Meet Positives was built to free the hearts of people living with an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) from the shame society casts upon them. Sadly, most people who have contracted an STD did nothing wrong and were simply trying to find love. Even worse, we have found that most people who have contracted an incurable STD were in a relationship with a partner who either didn’t disclose their STD or cheated and brought one home. So the decision to create a trusted platform for Positives was easy and the right thing to do.”

When asked about the company’s mission, Jack says, “Our catchphrase, Never Have The Talk Again, is really the main reason why someone would want to find a trusted website to submit their profile to in hopes of finding someone like them. We understand how difficult dating can be for positive singles because we reached out to many who have an STD and we learned from their experiences. Of course, there are cases where positives might have engaged in risky behavior, but that doesn’t mean they “had it coming to them” as some might suggest. Our end goal is to offer a safe place for positives to learn from one another and if possible, meet someone with who they can enjoy having a healthy relationship while living with an STD.“


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