Meet the Emondage Quebec Arboricultural Team Providing Services in Quebec City

Emondage Quebec is a company providing tree cultivation services throughout Quebec City and surrounding areas. In the Quebec region, one finds deciduous vegetation from red maple, white ash to sugar maple with a bulk of other species. The best time for residence to prune them is at the beginning of spring or late fall after the leaves drop. According to Mr. Pilon, the structure of the trees is more visible, making it easier for the crew to trim or prune according to the tree's requirements.

He went on to say, "Pruning trees is helpful for many reasons. Property owners can have it done for aesthetic reasons or for health and safety reasons. Residence might consider pruning to shape trees to create a pleasing silhouette. With pruning, it helps to carve out the recessed areas to remove lower branches for relaxing underneath."

The business owner went on to say that sometimes pruning is necessary when trees are diseased or have weak limbs that give way in a strong wind. For property owners, this is a hazard to the building and people living on the property. An arborist knows exactly to spot problems and take the required steps to make the premises safe. With their team's help, they attend to these concerns clinically and meticulously to clear the branches in an industry-leading way.

Emondage Quebec owner said, "We also do trimming close to power lines before it becomes life-threatening for all in the neighborhood. For example, the branch weight might make contact with the power lines causing a fire. At the same time, removing the branches protects the infrastructure and power lines to prevent losing power." According to Pilon, tree trimming is an ongoing process. It might need pruning depending on the weather and growing conditions.

A skilled arborist finds different ways to prune vegetation without removing the tree or even harming the core. Another popular service presented by the company is to prune trees to restore balance using reinforced cables. With time, the configuration is tweaked to help accommodate future growth. The service included fastening and tightening the wires as the tree grows to keep the weight distributed. For property owners having problems with hazardous trees after a storm, this method is highly recommended.

The owner also went on to say they provide a stump grinding service for trees left behind after tree felling. Having the service done prevents the wood from becoming an ants haven. For example, a termite infestation can make its way into the home if left close to the infrastructure, causing severe damage. Stump grinding takes care of this problem by clearing the area for building extensions to a home or improving the landscaping.

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