Meet Positives Provides Resources on STD, Including How to Do at Home STD Testing, a website for STD positive people, also offers important resources that would be helpful for people who are interested in learning about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as how to do at home STD testing. This is a resource for STD testing online, which allows people to find out if they are STD positive or not but with their privacy guaranteed. A person will only spend a minimal amount of time at the testing center to simply submit the samples with no questions asked as to the purpose of the visit. In the event that the results are positive, doctors will be available to prescribe the proper treatment.

The online testing site provides a comprehensive STD test panel that covers the 10 most common STDs, which are HIV type 1 and type 2, herpes type 1 and type 2, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and gonorrhea. STD testing is important because many STDs don’t have conspicuous signs and symptoms. In addition, some of the STDs will mimic other diseases, which means that those who have a certain symptom indicated as one of the STD symptoms does not necessarily mean that they have STD. is a website that has been designed to help people who are STD positive find a date. This is to help them avoid the usual problem of STD positives when they are dating and they finally decide to reveal to the other person about their condition. Positive singles often have experienced embarrassment in such situations because non-positive singles will usually reject them at that point in time. The result is that many positive singles become reluctant to date. The Meet Positives website has the goal of allowing positive singles to find others like them who are also STD positive and interested in dating. Since they already know about each other’s condition, there would be no potentially embarrassing situation where they need to reveal their condition to the person they are dating.

Jack Lombardi, founder of Meet Positives, says, “Your search for developing a meaningful relationship while living with an STD has been made easier with our groundbreaking overhaul of the Meet Positives website. This site was designed for STD positive people to offer them another chance to experience dating and develop intimate relationships just like other people.”

Meet Positives uses an algorithm that matches people who have the same condition, by their personal criteria they provided when they registered with the site, and by distance. Registered members of the Meet Positives community are also given the right to search profiles of positive singles who are interested in dating, know more about their condition through the discussion forums, and share their own experiences.

The Meet Positives website is accessible 100 percent on any kind of device, such as a desktop computer, iPhone, tablet, or Android phone. A Meet Positives STD dating app is also available for an Android device or iPhone. Those who are behind the Meet Positives site have more than 20 years of experience in matchmaking. Meet Positives is not like other STD communities in that their platform is not part of an affiliate network. Instead, it is a stand-alone STD dating site where positive singles are able to log in and then do their search using their desktop of mobile device anywhere in the world.

Meet Positives also provides various resources that can help STD positive people. For instance, they offer online safety tips, a support center, information on STD symptoms, a blog, a Wiki page, and information on a home STD test.

Meet Positives also offers dating tips to positive singles who are truly interested in finding love and making it last for a long time. They offer free advice and tips on developing a strong relationship and finding happiness. The community is where members are able to share all of their worries and concerns and get information on how to solve them.

Those who are looking for STD community support or who are interested in STD dating may want to check out the website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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