Mediterranean Table Introduces Several New Packages Including a New Bellazza Skin Care Bundle

Mediterranean Table Bellezza Beauty

Red Feather Lakes, September 23, 2021 -- Mediterranean Table is a company whose husband-and-wife team of Glenn and Maribeth Wagner built their business around the goodness of olive oil and other 100% handpicked, organic, and early harvest ingredients from the Super Tuscan Region of Italy.

They realized early on the taste enhancement opportunities that olive oil provides when cooking and how it's one of the healthiest oils to consume. Being a company known for thinking outside the box, they have also recognized the benefits of olive oil in a unique line of beauty products. Some of which are now available in what Mediterranean Table calls its Bellazza Skin Care Bundle. It’s just one of the hand-picked packages that the company is now offering on its website at

"When we are not working, we are consumers too, and because of that, we always like it when a company we patronize offers us their products in nicely put together packages. That's the very reason that we decided to bundle some of our products together and offer them in the convenience that packages provide. Our new Bellazza Beauty Skin Care Bundle is now a part of the packages that we offer. We feel that it’s a package that our customers will not only benefit from by using the combined products themselves but also will be happy to give to family members and friends as unique gifts” says company co-owner, Glenn Wagner.

Their Bellazza Skin Care Bundle includes their exclusive body lotion, anti-age face cream, and hand cream. Three products that have already become individual bestsellers. More details on this packaged beauty bundle and the other beauty products that Mediterranean Table offers can be viewed here

The Bellezza Hand Cream is designed to protect, moisturize, and give restorative benefits due to its balanced blend of Tuscan olive oil and other active ingredients. Their Bellezza Body Lotion is intended to help restore skin firmness and elasticity. This can help delay the skin aging process and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. The company owner stated that their Bellezza Anti Age Face Cream has a good chance of protecting and restructuring skin and also can help avoid wrinkles because of its rich, all- natural ingredients that also include the goodness of olive oil.

The company owner continued by saying that most of their other packaged offerings include infused Olive Oil products, and some of these bundles also include their unique types of flavored vinegars. An example is their Pack-Spicy Italian + Lemon 6-piece set. It's a package that offers great value because it includes such products as their signature Spicy Italian Marinade combined with their best-selling Lemon Extra-Virgin olive oil that will help make anyone's EVOO collection complete.

More about the infused olive oils on Mediterranean Table’s prepackaged collections can be seen here at Wagner stated that all of their food and beauty product offerings could be seen on their website, where they are also described in greater detail.

Mediterranean Table’s website offers other benefits to customers including a variety of recipes of culinary delights that the company's products help bring to life. Mediterranean Table also offers its customers the ability to subscribe to its free newsletter. New subscribers will also receive a 20% off discount code that can be used for their first purchase. Sign up for the newsletter and take advantage of the discount on any of the special bundles or food and beauty products sitewide.


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