Medical Day Spa In Puyallup Stands By Community During Pandemic

Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy, a Puyallup, WA medical spa, is pleased to share that they have been able to maintain a high standard of service despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the need for masks and social distancing has skyrocketed since outbreaks first took place across the country, the center has taken multiple precautions to ensure the safety of both patients and staff at all times.

“We welcome any inquiries you may have regarding the measures we have taken to maintain everyone’s safety in these troubled times,” states Jennifer Bull of Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy. “We want to leave no one in the dark regarding the protections we have installed, and we look forward to helping you protect yourself as well. Just as we did prior to the pandemic, Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy is able to respond to a variety of requirements in order to accommodate your visit. As always, you may contact one of our representatives to allay any concerns or discuss how your appointment will proceed once you arrive.”

All patients are required to wear masks at all times, for instance, while they receive care within the premises, especially if they are unable to maintain social distancing during a session. However, the center acknowledges that some may be unable to wear masks due to certain issues, such as experiencing claustrophobia while face down. In such an event, they will be able to provide patients with modified face protection for this scenario. Patients are encouraged to bring up such issues when they schedule their next appointment.

Similarly, Bull explains that the community should be aware there are certain circumstances where it is inadvisable for them to seek an appointment. While the center is doing everything in their power to preserve patient safety, patients are likewise requested to help ensure they will not present a risk either to other patients or themselves during their visit. Those exhibiting symptoms of illness, for instance, should take the measure of quarantining themselves in case they have contracted the virus. Such symptoms include fevers (even low grade fevers), coughs, trouble breathing, body aches, loss of smell or taste and more.

In the same way, the center asks that any individuals who have traveled on an airplane within the US or abroad wait no less than 15 days before scheduling their appointment. Finally, the center advises any who are immunocompromised from making an appointment altogether — immune conditions make them more susceptible to illness. The same is true if the individual in question lives with or provides care to the elderly (who would similarly be at high risk).

This emphasizes the extent to which the medical day spa in Puyallup goes to accommodate their patients’ needs and preferences — while keeping all parties safe. Their mission today is the same as it was pre-pandemic: to deliver an efficient and holistic service that takes their patients’ every requirement into account.

A 5-Star Google review shared by Dean B. supports this approach. Expressing gratitude for the services they received, the review also highlights the efforts of certain members of staff. It says, “I have been frequenting Unlocking The Body for a couple of years and have had approximately 80 massages by 9 massage therapists here. I can't articulate strongly enough how professional and incredible these therapists are and how well run this place is.”

The review continues, “Collette, Stephanie and Lena in particular provide the combination of deep tissue massage without creating tension that I prefer. I have even learned to enjoy ashiatsu, where the therapist supports their weight while using their feet to provide deep tissue massage — particularly effective on tight or cramped leg muscles.” This piece of patient feedback also touches on another of the center’s strengths: the ability to make recommendations that suit each individual.

A similarly glowing review from Kandi N. shares that, “Super relaxing ambience. This office is very progressive, with the most cutting edge techniques! Love that! The cupping technique is fantastic! The receptionist was warm, friendly and efficient! Perfect combo for this type of service work. I've seen 3 different therapists and been more than happy with all. I'll definitely be returning! Easy on the checkbook too!”

In general, the reviews on this platform alone describe a facility where comfort and relaxation are paramount, as is the attention the staff pay their patients. Furthermore, several reviews also point out that Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy’s services are covered by many insurance providers, making them far more accessible to the community at large.

More information regarding the center’s services, such as medical massage therapy, reiki, massage for athletes in Puyallup and more can be found on their website. Patients may contact Jennifer Bull directly for further details as well.


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