Medicaid Whistleblower Lawyer Arvind Khurana Talks About a Charge Related to Healthcare Fraud in Miami

In his new blog post, Medicaid whistleblower attorney Arvind Khurana talks about a $38 million charge on a medical clinic in Miami. The clinic, Gasiel Medical Services, was run by the owner Armando Valdes. Valdes was arrested on December 10 and was charged with submitting approximately $38 million in fraudulent health care claims to UnitedHealthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). This is according to the US Department of Justice.

Mr. Khurana goes on to mention that the owner allegedly benefited from submitting false claims to major private insurers for supposedly treating patients from arthritis, inflammations, and ulcers. The owner allegedly billed United Healthcare and BCBS for medically unnecessary infusions of Infliximab, known by the brand name Remicade, through his medical clinic Gasiel Medical Services.

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Attorney Arvind Khurana explains in this blog post that Mr. Valdes’ scheme ran from Feb. 2015 to July 2021 and is now charged with 10 counts of health care fraud. This has prompted the Federal Government to step up its crackdown on the alleged fraud that is happening in the industry right now.

Mr. Khurana also mentioned that according to a press release for the case, Mr. Valdes used his ill-gotten proceeds to purchase four real estate properties, including a beachfront condo in Pompano Beach, as well as luxury vehicles including a Cadillac Escalade and a Tesla Model S. The clinic also bought a lot of real estate properties and $1.7 million put into Mr. Valdes’ businesses and personal bank accounts. The Federal government plans to seize all of these assets.

Lastly, attorney Arvind Khurana also talks in this new blog post that healthcare fraud is a problem and that it affects so many people and causes billions of dollars in losses for the government each year. This is why the government encourages people to speak up if they know any information that could expose a fraud such as the one that was talked about in this new blog post.

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