Mechanics And Auto Electricians Offer Comprehensive Repair Service In Glenfield

Auckland, New Zealand based Superior Automotive Service in Glenfield is pleased to announce that their team offers both mechanics and auto electricians under one roof. As a result, their customers have the unique advantage of having their vehicle diagnosed, repaired and maintained in a single location. The company invites their community to stop by and meet the team if they have any questions regarding their vehicle’s condition.

Ben Coote of Superior Automotive Service in Glenfield recommends that drivers have their vehicles checked and serviced periodically to ensure that they will never be caught off-guard by breakdowns in the middle of a journey or commute. “Regular maintenance will greatly reduce your risk of being stranded due to a sudden breakdown,” he points out, “but many of our customers have also long come to appreciate that they save more on vehicle repairs in the long term because regular maintenance costs less than full-scale replacements and emergency repairs. Unexpected failures can also put your life and health at risk if they occur in fast-moving traffic. The benefits of preventative maintenance far outweigh the short term investment.”

Notably, Superior Automotive Service is part of the Automobile Associations (AA) Approved Repairer network. As a result, customers can expect nothing less than the country’s highest standard of service when they bring their vehicle to the company’s Glenfield workshop. The AA’s standards cover a variety of specialised fields, such as auto-electrical, automatic transmission, suspension and steering, brakes and clutches, auto cooling systems, air-conditioning and general repairs. There are only around 150 AA Approved Repairers across New Zealand, and the skill of the team at Superior Automotive Service comfortably makes them a part of this group.

Given the company’s expertise with vehicles of various kinds, customers can reliably expect their car, ute, van or light truck to be repaired both quickly and thoroughly when they work with Superior Automotive Service. The company also understands that cars sometimes need to be checked over even when they may not necessarily have faults, such as when a buyer is about to make a purchase on a used (or even brand new) vehicle. By having the Superior Automotive Service team look it over, buyers can rest assured that the company’s seal of approval means they are making a wise investment in the vehicle they want. Conversely, should the company discover any extensive issues that they are not prepared for, they can avoid making a costly error.

The company’s customer reviews can attest to the high quality of service they offer. On the Google platform, for instance, they have received over 100 reviews from customers, and their review scores tend to be overwhelmingly positive. James C. shares in their 5-Star review, “Great service. Thank you for your help with my starter motor. Quoted for a new starter but later told that the old one would probably be okay as it was full of carbon dust, and that was the cause of the blown fuses. Got the air conditioning re-gassed as well. 10 year old car and never touched the air conditioning. Apparently it should get checked and serviced regularly. Never knew that! Now I have a cool car as well as a car that starts! Thanks, Stu. Great job and appreciate the communication and unexpectedly small bill. Cheers.”

The customer here is referring to a member of Superior Automotive Service’s expert team: Operations Manager Stuart Dean. Having filled a variety of roles in multiple countries, Dean brings a deep well of industry experience to the company. In addition to being a fully qualified mechanic, he has worked with multiple companies to responsibly build their brand name into an icon that their customers come to respect and trust, and he has worked on doing nothing less since joining Superior Automotive Service as well. According to the company, his leadership is one of the main reasons every customer can rest assured they get both the best advice and service possible.

Coote adds, “If you have any room for doubt regarding our team’s capabilities and their dedication to their work, we recommend that you check out our reviews. Many other customers have already benefited greatly by bringing their cars to us, and you can be part of this group as well. If your vehicle is in trouble, come talk to us. We’ll set it right.”

More details can be found on the company’s official website. Customers may also direct their inquiries to Ben Coote of Superior Automotive Service in Glenfield.


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