MBS Announces Interview With ManyChat Experts

ManageByStats has announced their podcast interview with ManyChat experts Paul & Rachelle Baron. This is Episode 7 of the MBS podcast series, AMZ Seller Real Talk. In the episode MBS hosts, Amazon veterans Jade and Justin Coleman, along with president Curtis Johnson, talk with Paul and Rachelle about ManyChat, and how they used genius outside the box marketing to help boom their business. ManageByStats is software for Amazon sellers designed by Amazon sellers, and AMZ Seller Real Talk is their regular podcast where experts in the field of eCommerce and Amazon share valuable insight and advice.

“Our podcast series is really taking off,” says MBS CEO, Philip Jepsen. “It’s one of the best and most popular formats for consumption of information, and we’ve been inviting guests from all areas of the comm sphere. Our users are loving it.”

In this podcast other topics are covered, including tips for success, actionable advice on how to build a brand on and off Amazon, ways to utilize celebrities to promote brands and other items of interest for Amazon sellers. ManyChat is a chat flow service that allows users to craft custom chat flows that take customers through a series of questions and answers, guiding them toward the information they need, while gathering valuable info for the user of ManyChat.

“ManyChat has exploded in use,” says Mister Jepsen. “Amazon sellers have found it quite useful in helping to gather vital info on their customers, while providing those same customers with tailored solutions and answers.”

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