mBrace Frisco Orthodontics Provides Update on Changes Implemented by the Frisco Independent School District

mBrace Frisco Orthodontics, based in Frisco, Texas, has announced that they have recently published a new blog post that discusses the changes being implemented by the Frisco independent school district (ISD). According to the article by the eMbrace orthodontics practice, the most important of these changes is the decision of the ISD to allow students and their parents to choose between in-person classes and online learning next year. The ability to choose was welcomed by the students and parents and it comes a month after almost a thousand students and staff of Frisco ISD had to quarantine after getting in close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.

The 14-day quarantine was reported by the Dallas Morning News in an article published online on October 15th. The article had reported that approximately 985 students and staff members had completed the quarantine. Daniel Stockton, executive director of government and legal affairs, had clarified that the number does not include the number of students that are presently in quarantine. It also does not include the students and staff members who have tested for the virus, which is 239 students and 63 staff members since August 13, 2020.

The ISD had pointed out that whatever choice the parents and students make, either environment is considered to be safe. With in-person learning, schools will likely be functioning at half occupancy based on the poll response, and with distance learning, the students are safely quarantined. And whatever choice they make, the Frisco ISD has assured that students will get free meals.

According to the new article, Frisco ISD has received a waiver from the US Dept. of Agriculture to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students, including children enrolled in private, another public, charter, or home schools, until the end of the school year. On-campus students will get their meals on-site, while distance learners will be picking up their to-go meals from a distribution site.

mBrace Frisco Orthodontics is practice that is focused on providing orthodontics services, such as braces and Invisalign. Dr. Shireen Irani is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, which she earned from the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry in 2007. While practicing general dentistry for four years, she earned her MS in Orthodontics at St. Louis University.

An orthodontist may recommend braces another modalities of orthodontics to enhance the orofacial appearance of a patient, allowing for an aesthetic outcome and improving the growth and development of the jaws. Problems such as underbites, overbites, crooked teeth, and incorrect jaw positions may be corrected with the appropriate orthodontic treatment. If these issues are left untreated, they could lead to tooth decay, gum disease, headaches, earaches, biting or chewing problems, and even difficulty speaking.

mBrace Frisco Orthodontics offers various types of orthodontic appliances, which are the: traditional braces, lingual braces, clear aligners, and colored elastics. Traditional braces are the most popular type of braces and they can be made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. Ceramic brackets are the least noticeable because they are either clear or tooth-colored. It should also be noted that brackets have become smaller during the last few years, which makes them less noticeable than conventional metal braces.

Lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth to hide them from view. However, this makes them hard to clean and they may not be appropriate for severe cases and many patients need more time to get used to them.

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are removable and can be customized. They offer the benefit of being removable so that they won’t trap food and plaque between the teeth. And finally, the colored elastics are small rubber bands that hold the wires to braces. They are preferred by children who can choose the colors they want.

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