Maverick Property Group Is Now Buying Houses in Charlotte NC

Maverick Property Group, LLC is happy to announce that the company is one of the house buyers in Charlotte, North Carolina, who can offer cash and have the transaction completed in a short time. Therefore, those who need to obtain a fast cash offer for their home for whatever reason may want to take advantage of the company’s ability to buy a house directly in cash in as short a time as 24 hours.

For the homeowner, the process will just consist of three simple steps. First, the homeowners will need to submit their information, after which the company will schedule a date and hour for the viewing of the property. In step two, after the company representative has viewed the property, they will provide the homeowner with their best no-obligation fair cash offer within 24 hours and sometimes even on the spot. For the third and last step, which occurs after the homeowner has agreed to the offer, a closing date will be chosen. Maverick Property Group will then pay for all of the closing costs, and the amount offered will be sent directly to the homeowner’s account.

Charlotte home buyers

Tom Murphy from Maverick Property Group says, “We pride ourselves on our streamlined process, which is targeted towards giving you and us a fair deal. With no commissions and additional fees to worry about, we’re able to make sure that you get the money that you need. Renovating a property on your own is going to be an expensive, labor-intensive process. By shifting that process to us, you can save yourself a lot of money.”

He adds, “And whenever there is an opportunity, we buy land in Charlotte NC. In a similar manner, we will also buy land for cash and we will take care of all closing costs. This means that the cash offer will not be reduced when you receive it. This is because there will also be no hidden fees to worry about.”

There are many potential situations for homeowners that make it necessary for them to sell their home. These include: being behind on payments, the presence of taxes owed, pre-foreclosure situation, retirement, no equity, bad tenants, liquidating assets, bankruptcy, divorce, fire damage, need to relocate, and unexpected ownership of an ugly house.

Maverick Property Group, LLC is a family-owned company with more than eight years of experience in the real estate business. They fully understand that some life events could cause people to sell their homes. This is where the company is ready to offer a solution by giving a fair cash offer for the home so that the homeowner may be able to move on to the next phase of his or her life.

What makes them stand out from the crowd is that they offer several alternatives to the home seller. And the homeowner can take all the time that he or she would need to assess the situation and the various options of selling the house fast. The company is a cash buyer, which means the seller will not have to wait for a bank to approve home financing for the purchase. There will also be no hidden fees so that the seller will get the full amount of the cash offered. And they will close based on the seller’s preferred schedule, which means there will be no pressure on the seller to make a decision as soon as possible.

Their offer to buy a house for cash is available for various places in North Carolina, including Statesville, Huntersville, Davidson, Cornelius, Charlotte, Concord, Kannapolis, and Mooresville. They will not be listing the home, they will be buying the home with cash as an investment, so there would be no need for home financing, open houses, or hidden fees.

Those who are interested in selling the home or land in Charlotte, NC, may want to contact Maverick Property Group, LLC through their website, phone, or via email.


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