Master Piercing Offers Information About Various Types of Body Piercing for Men and Women

Master Piercing is offering information regarding the different types of body piercing for men and women to offer advice and guidance. The body piercings that they provide can be subdivided into several categories: ear piercing, surface piercing, facial piercing, dermal piercing, and oral piercing. These categories can be further subdivided into more specific types of piercings.

For instance, tragus piercing is a kind of ear piercing that is done on the tragus of the ear. The tragus is a small, bumpy, round and triangle shaped cartilage located in front of the ear canal. It is usually a challenge to do a tragus piercing because some people have a small tragus and the area has a thick cartilage, which means there is a lot of tissue to pierce through. It is advisable for people not to do the tragus piercing themselves or go to the cheapest studio because it could get infected and/or deformed if it is not done by a professional.

During the tragus piercing session, the professional piercer will make sure to clean the area and to insert a cork into the ear canal for protection. It is important to remember that the piercer will need to exert pressure while performing the perforation because the tragus is quite thick. There will likely be some bleeding but it generally doesn’t hurt much because there are only a few nerve endings around the area.

It may take around six months to one year for the tragus piercing to heal. And it is advisable to be careful during this period to avoid infections. Furthermore, the jewelry that was placed can only be replaced after the piercing has healed completely. The pain and swelling may persist for a few days but is important to consult a doctor if the pain doesn’t subside. It is also a good idea to consult a doctor if there is soreness or redness around the area or if there is a steady itch.

Spider bites piercing is a pair of piercings on the lower lip at the corner of the mouth. It is similar to the snake bite piercing except that the two piercings are closer to each other. It appears like the claws of a spider or a spider bite on the lips. When undergoing this kind of piercing, people should make sure to choose a professional piercer that uses sterilized equipment. It is also important to ensure that both piercings are equidistant from the center of the lip or it may affect facial symmetry.

It may also be a good idea to consult a doctor before undergoing the piercing because he can suggest the safest and most convenient procedure. Taking Vitamin B may be recommended for faster healing. It is also important to choose the location of the piercings carefully because the metal stud may cause abrasion to the teeth and gums. It is important to note that there could be more pain because it requires two piercings and the lips can get swollen, making it difficult to eat or speak temporarily.

A more daring type of piercing is corset piercing. It consists of parallel rows of piercings and these are used to sew ribbons in the skin with the ribbons made to look like the ribbons used in a corset. It also appears like the laces for shoes. This is a type of surface piercing that is done at areas of the body where the skin is loose, such as on the arms, back, legs, or in front of the neck. Typically, people will go for temporary corset piercings because the permanent corset piercings have too many risks, such as infection, rejection and migration. The piercings may also bleed if they are disturbed too much. Healing for corset piercings may take as long as 12 weeks. However, in most cases, it will never heal totally.

It is important to note that corset piercing comes with excruciating pain and doctors consider it as masochistic. It usually goes wrong because the body often tries to reject the foreign material and pushes it out, resulting into bleeding, soreness, and infections.

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