Massage For Lymphatic Drainage Available In Puyallup

WA based Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy is pleased to announce that they are now offering a specialized massage for lymphatic drainage in Puyallup. This massage is intended as both a preparatory and post cosmetic surgery measure that can improve the patient’s recovery and ensure they get the best possible outcome from their investment.

The center observes that an increasing number of people are choosing to undergo reconstructive and elective procedures in pursuit of obtaining the perfect body image. These procedures, many of which are invasive in nature, can have a detrimental impact on the body that cannot be avoided — in fact, this is what extends the recovery time for most patients and can reduce the size of the cosmetic improvement they are hoping for. However, the size of this impact can be minimized via Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

The damage in question occurs to the body’s essential lymphatic pathways, the functions of which include clearing debris and excess fluid as well as the promotion of tissue healing. While the body’s natural response to tissue damage is to direct fluid to the area in order to decrease inflammation and get the healing process started, damaged lymphatic channels can mean that the body will then find it difficult to clear out the affected area. In other words, the fluid generated by the body cannot be reabsorbed as easily as it should be. Fortunately, Manual Lymphatic Drainage is designed to take care of this problem.

According to the massage clinic for women in Puyallup, MLD may be used in conjunction with the following procedures: Reconstructive Surgery, Breast Augmentation/Lifts, Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, Facial Cosmetic Surgeries, Gender Affirmation Surgeries and more. This is generally expected to improve their outcomes, though patients are advised to seek a professional care provider’s input before settling on a treatment plan.

Some patients may also harbor confusion as to why they need MLD prior to their surgical procedure. The clinic explains that there may be pre-existing tissue damage in the area as a result of other events in the patient’s life (such as injuries or minor physical trauma), so Manual Lymphatic Drainage serves to clear out the lymphatic drainage pathways of accumulated waste, debris and toxins prior to surgery. When combined with the post-procedure MLD sessions, the patient stands the highest chance of enjoying a shorter recovery period. Notably, it is also believed that MLD helps prepare the body to receive anesthesia.

The absolute minimum the clinic recommends is a single MLD session before the date of the cosmetic surgery (which patients may elect for based on cost or time constraints). However, Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy has worked with many women at this stage, and this experience has led them to conclude that the ideal treatment plan involves the patient undergoing 3 MLD sessions 3 - 4 days apart before their surgery’s scheduled date. Each session typically takes no more than one hour, and certain other modalities may be incorporated by the patient’s assigned Therapist in order to meet their needs as closely as possible.

Conversely, the number of MLD sessions needed after a surgery depend entirely on the individual in question and how well their body responds to treatment. The massage clinic states that their team prefers to undertake one session to begin with, over the course of which they will analyze the patient’s condition and come to a preliminary conclusion regarding the rest of their care. However, they generally recommend that patients stop by for a minimum of three sessions in order to give their body time to respond to the treatments and show results.

Notably, lymphatic massage is not a deep tissue technique, despite its potentially far-reaching effects. The pressure applied to the body is maintained at a light-to-moderate level, and many patients report a quite relaxing experience (though some discomfort may be expected if they are close to their procedure date).

Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy is committed to helping their community invest in themselves and pursue wellness in a safe, warm and welcoming environment. They offer a wide variety of personalized services and products that aim to help their clients achieve this, more information on which can be found on their official website. Alternatively, those who wish to book their next appointment or discuss a specific service in greater detail are welcome to contact Jennifer Bull of Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy to get started.


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