Masri Clinic For Laser And Cosmetic Surgery Welcomes Rhinoplasty Patients

The Birmingham, MI-based Masri Clinic For Laser and Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to bring their rhinoplasty services to the attention of their community. With more and more people finding it necessary to stay at home given the current climate, the clinic asserts that this may present an excellent opportunity for people to pursue a procedure they may have expected to restrict their social lives.

Dr. Haitham Masri of Masri Clinic For Laser and Cosmetic Surgery explains, “While our staff do their utmost to ensure you have to endure very little downtime, we understand that many in our community may hesitate to undergo any procedures for fear it will interfere with their day-to-day schedules. In practice, this can mean that they tolerate issues with their face instead of having them promptly rectified by a professional, even if that professional informs them that they will not have to wait long before they resume their normal activities once more. Today, we face an unprecedented crisis that has forced many of us to limit how much we interact with other people. However, this does also mean that people on the fence may now be more confident about getting their procedures done. We’re standing by to help them make that final step towards regaining their confidence.”

rhinoplasty results

This, according to Dr. Masri, is especially true for clients who are looking forward to their first procedure at Masri Clinic. This is due to the fact that they are entitled to $100 off their first cosmetic package — as well as a free consultation. This policy exists to serve the clinic’s goal of helping new patients clear every obstacle between them and their ideal self. Masri Clinic has long positioned itself as the ultimate beauty solution for all, and this is only a part of the measures they take to help their patients bring their inner beauty to the fore. Examples of the results of this approach may be viewed on the clinic’s Facebook page.

A large percentage of patients often want to reform a part of their face, and this in turn tends to involve the nose in some aspect. Fortunately for those who visit the Masri Clinic, their staff is extremely accomplished when it comes to rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty, and they are well known for performing both cosmetic rhinoplasty and reconstructive nasal airway surgery. The patient’s needs and goals always factor heavily into any recommendation the clinic makes, and they are capable of combining multiple disciplines in the event a complex solution is required (such as improving both the appearance of the nose as well as the patient’s ability to breathe).

According to Dr. Masri, a patient’s nose must be reshaped to suit their other facial features in addition to complying with their preferences and personality. During each consultation, the surgeons at Masri Clinic make it their foremost priority to be transparent with patients regarding how achievable their goals are and what they may expect during recovery. Each individual requires a unique approach that is determined as much by their existing facial structure as what they want, but Dr. Masri reassures the community that a skilled surgeon would be able to consistently deliver beautiful results no matter what challenges a patient may present.

“The girls who work here are wonderful, as is Dr. Masri,” says a top-rated Google review from Sarah LaPlante, a former patient whose experience from a few years ago helps demonstrate how long the clinic has delivered excellent results for their patients (certain reviews go back even longer, and Dr. Masri’s experience spans a decades-long career). “Very nice bedside manner! Professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended for rhinoplasty. Expectations were exceeded, wonderful job.”

Another review from Theresa Pavone shares, “Dr. Masri and his staff are incredible. I am 82 years old and look and feel like I am 50. He is three times board certified, and I would never go to anyone else. The difference is incredible. Do not wait, make an appointment!”

Those who wish to take this advice and schedule a consultation are welcome to reach out to the clinic’s representatives to get started. More information on rhinoplasty and the numerous other procedures available at the Masri Clinic For Laser and Cosmetic Surgery can also be found on the clinic’s official website. Their GMB listing offers additional insight as well.


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