Maryland Moving Company Shows How to Avoid “Rogue” Moving Companies

Treasure Moving Company, a company based in Rockville, MD, has recently published a blog post that offers advice to people who are moving on how to avoid the deceptive practices of “rogue” moving companies. Some of these residential moving companies are even illegal because they have not complied with federal regulatory requirements before they started their business operations. They tend to attract people by offering low prices. Unfortunately, people will find out in the end that they have been charged more than what was originally agreed upon. This blog post can be accessed at the company’s website or at

Fedor Kozlov, President and CEO of Treasure Moving Company, says, “There’s a couple of things you can do in order to avoid getting deceived by “rogue” moving companies. These “rogue” movers are usually comprised of a group of people who work in the moving industry, but they’re not licensed. Please check out our new blog post for tips on how to avoid getting tricked into using these “rogue” movers.”

The first thing to do is ensure not to pay anything upfront. A small deposit is considered normal but if the moving company requests for a partial or full payment before they will do any work, that is a warning sign. It would be too risky to give them a significant amount of money before they have done the work and the client is able to check on their work and ensure that there’s no damage on any of the furniture and other belongings. Also, there is the risk of the “rogue” moving company simply disappearing after receiving the money.

Second, it is a good idea to do some research on those moving companies that are being considered. People who are planning to hire a company can ask for referrals so that they may ask previous customers of the company about their experience in using their services.

Third, it may be a good idea to avoid hiring companies that are not clear about the services that they provide. For instance, if the moving company is offering storage and loading but doesn’t specify this upfront, the customer might end up paying for these services separately. A truly legit moving company will be transparent on what will be really provided with the price that they are quoting.

And finally, it is advisable to always check for genuine customer testimonials. If a particular company has no reviews or testimonials from past clientele, it would be best to avoid them. The company may be new in business or it does not really provide good quality service. There is a significant risk that a company that is new in the business will commit mistakes to the detriment of the client.

Meanwhile, Treasure Moving Company, which has a Youtube channel at, is a local and long distance moving company that offers top residential moving services to the Rockville, Maryland area. They have been providing trustworthy and dependable moving services for more than 20 years. The company has a team of professional movers who are ready to serve all of the requirements of a person who is moving. Whether it’s the client’s first move or their tenth, they will provide the best care possible at a reasonable price.

The company ensures that their team of professionals have the necessary expertise and experience to accomplished the tasks properly and safely. They ensure that all their staff, from their customer service staff who answer calls from customers, to their movers who work on the ground to help clients move safely, will always provide a standard of service and expertise that no other Rockville MD moving company can match.

They pledge to provide a stress-free moving experience for clients. With an established mover like Treasure Moving Company, people can be confident that their belongings will be packed, transported and unloaded with great care. And with their full packing services, clients can just leave everything to them.

Those who are interested in getting more advice and tips regarding moving can check out the Treasure Moving Company blog site at, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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