Married Father Of 5 Elaborates On Importance Of Insurance Policy Review

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Queens, New York based life and career coach Quentin Mezetin is reaching out to the wider community to share the importance of reviewing one’s insurance policy if they have one (and the importance of getting one if they do not). Mezetin, a married father of five who is also known as the Mind Investor, offers services that include public speaking, corporate speaking, mentor-ship, life coaching, career coaching and wellness coaching. More information about The Mind Investor can be found at the following link:

Mezetin says, “It should go without saying, but the importance of life insurance can never be stressed enough. Life insurance protects your family and lets you leave them a non-taxable amount at the time of your death, money that can make all the difference to your loved ones. Life insurance can also replace your family income when resources are low, which will allow your loved ones to maintain their quality of life. All of this means that life insurance is critically important, especially given the state of the world today.”

He continues, “If you have a life insurance policy, this is the best time to get it reviewed. There is a global pandemic going on, we can’t account for what will happen from this day to the next. In such a tumultuous world, having a good life insurance policy is the wise thing to do. If you don’t have life insurance, this is also the best time to get one. This is coming from me, personally, as a married man for 18 years and a father of five wonderful kids. I know the importance of having good life insurance, and I am truly passionate about helping others secure their legacy and protecting themselves now. 2020 has reminded everyone tomorrow is not promised, and now more than ever, what you do today is going to be the foundation of a good future.”

Quentin Mezetin also shares that the date is currently more than halfway through the 2020 Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). Organized by nonprofit Life Happens, LIAM campaigns have been taking place every September since 2004. The organization shares that the 2020 campaign has amplified the interest in both the campaign and life insurance in general, as COVID-19 has made everyone more conscious of the risk of an early, unexpected death.

Life Happens collaborated with LIMRA on the 2020 Insurance Barometer report. In one section of the report, the survey team made survey participants rank their level of concern about living expenses, health insurance, life insurance and saving goals. From 2011 through the beginning of 2020, life insurance usually placed around the bottom of this hierarchy. However, earlier this year, life insurance suddenly climbed above living expenses as a concern, though the survey was conducted before the government had acknowledged COVID-19 was officially spreading in the United States.

Mezetin says, “The point is life insurance is something that everybody should already have. It’s something that is a valuable investment, not just for your family and loved ones, but also for and in yourself. So I remind you once again, if you have life insurance, please take the time to review it and make the necessary changes. If you don’t, get some life insurance as soon as you can. It can and will make a world of difference in the event of a sudden and unexpected death.”

He adds, “As the Mind Investor, my life’s mission is to remind people of their importance, both to themselves and to the people surrounding them. We all have the ability to be great and do great things, but it has to start by investing in ourselves. You can become a Mind Investor yourself by coming to the realization that you can have, be and do anything you have to, following which you will take the right steps towards your goal. If you want to invest in yourself, I can help. I can teach you to invest in yourselves, your minds, your expertise and your potential. I can teach you to break through whatever is holding you back and to harness your power so that you can achieve your goals.”

Those who want to learn more about Quentin Mezetin the Mind Investor and the services he provides can learn more at Mezetin’s LinkedIn page: He encourages all interested parties to get in touch with him directly via email or phone. Alternatively, he can be reached through Instagram or LinkedIn.


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